September 17


Bruce Lipton Explains Epigenetics

By heheals

September 17, 2020

It is the environment, NOT YOUR GENES, that determines how well you function. Can you appreciate the magnitude of that? You are NOT a victim of your genes! Optimize your inner environment (self care of body and mind), spend more time in high quality environments, and as a magnificent result, you optimize the full vitalistic expression of your health and healing.



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  1. The revelation of this science revealed to me upon its discovery, how far ahead of the game I have been and for how long.

    Ten or more years ago I stripped the study of "Human Nature" right to its basics to "where the bone meets the marrow" in categorizing imperatives into the quasi-known "genetic", "biological", "behavioural", "social" (including socioeconomic and other secondary factors leading to what can now be termed "Existential imperative", the latter to which all previously stated are intrinsically dedicated.

    The question which results is what principle is the latter imperative directed to satisfy? The answer is a healthy existential state as defined by a universal set of principles requiring a scientific, philosophical and theological paradigm shift in order to comprehend. furthermore, In order to explore such a shift, one or institutions must reclaim proper language use which has been in a state of incremental decay throughout the entire scientific and academic lexicon and indeed on a global scale.

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