September 17


Epigenetics: Nature vs nurture

By heheals

September 17, 2020

A short movie which describes why the identical twins Lucky Lyle and Troubled Tim end up with totally different personalities. Is it environment or genetics? Or perhaps both?

Project leader: Ellen Wikenius
Academic supervisor: Dag Undlien
Script: Birger Sætre and Kelly Neal
Production: Trist og traurig
Directed by: Henrik Dyb Zwart and Tarjei Tandstad
Voiceover: Lars Sundsbø



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  2. And they automaticly transfer this behavior from rats to humans…?
    Most of your enviroment are caused by your own or your parants genes.
    Go read platos republic regarding the myth of the metals and the procreation lottery…

  3. So, it's saying that genetics can be physically altered by the environment. But that environment is dependent on the genetics before it, i.e. the high licking mother had to have the exact same environment, therefore, genetics are dependent on the environment and vice versa. Anybody realise that? Also, does anybody realise that most important things come in two's? Like night and day, good and bad, men and women? None can exist without the other.

  4. you can't compare humans' behavior with rats'. humans are more sophisticated in that we have the faculty of reasoning and free will, that is to say we can think about our selves and the world around us and make decisions accordingly, while rats and animals ,in general, don't have that luxury, they just follow their instinct. Now because animals flow their instinct, we can say that their behavior is coded in their DNA. all in all, if it all about genes, then we should not punish criminals for their crimes.

  5. You may have a thing or two to say about epigenetics, but you obviously failed in history class I tell ya. A nice attempt at trying to create a hit piece on how "science emerged" despite those pesky Bible-thumping theologians keeping it suppressed. Oh wait, all the early scientists like Newton, Kepler, Galileo, were in fact all Christians. Nice attempt at spinning the narrative though, I'm sure you convinced a few ignoramuses to believe ya.

  6. Obviously a different environment will produce different results. But this doesn't change the simple fact that a person's DNA and inherent evolutionary instincts do not govern how they interact with their environment.

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