September 17


What is Epigenetics: In Simple Terms

By heheals

September 17, 2020

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Today, we’re going to talk about epigenetics. I want to share with you, in simple terms, a little bit about this exciting field.

What is epigenetics? Epigenetics means “above genetics.”

Epigenetics explained:

• Genes are small sections of the DNA. 
• DNA is the blueprint for building a body.

The DNA and genes can be compared to a CD with a playlist in a certain order. But, you need someone to play the CD—that’s what epigenetics does.

The DNA or gene is not set in stone. Just because you have certain genetics doesn’t mean anything. It’s really the epigenetics.

You are in charge of your DNA. You can do something about your genes, and it has to do with the epigenetic triggers. These environmental triggers turn on or off the genes.

Epigenetics triggers:

• What you eat (the nutrients in the food)
• When you eat (fasting)
• Cold/Heat
• Stress
• Sleep
• Exercise 
• Mood
• Age

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Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.


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  1. The great forgotten pioneer of epigenetics was Soviet scientist Trofim Lysenko, who went down in history as a despised Stalinist, but had in fact proven that acquired characteristics CAN be inherited.

  2. I love your content.
    And this is an important topic.
    And if this weren't central to the point of genetics vs. epigenetics to begin with, I wouldn't say anything.
    I feel the need to point out – because I hear the phrase "you're in control" or some variation so often – that just like environment can determine whether genes are expressed, our circumstances can determine our choices. Which of these "choices" can the average Homeless person make?
    ~eating nutritious food? Nope.
    ~fasting? Their lives consist of intermittent fasting by default.
    ~cold/heat? Nope.
    ~stress? Nope.
    ~sleep? Nope.
    ~exercise? Nope.
    ~mood? Nope.
    ~age? Nope.
    If you remove the Homelessness and retain the Poverty, how much does that change? Not much. Many people who have been raised poor and don't have access to this type of info are not going to be able to change. If they get access, they will be able to change some – I've used my Food Stamps for my food choices, but there is not enuf for the quantities of high quality food that are required for many of these diets. And Food Stamps won't buy supplements and online discount services won't take Food Stamps. Most of us are shut out of nice neighborhoods if we're on Section 8 because it is assumed that we are all criminals, disrespectful, won't make good neighbors, will trash the property and worse. What does that do to your stress levels and sleep and exercise and mood etc…? Some people can thrive in the Ghetto. Some of us cannot. If we have developed PTSD from Trauma, the likelihood of optimizing any of those elements is next to nil.

    I don't think it's too much trouble to list these epigenetic elements as ideal and suggest that we do what we can. But assuming that we can all make these changes evokes shame and anger among the those who simply can't. Imagine what a Mother feels when she is told she "can" do this for the health of her children, but in reality, she has far too little control over these variables. She is likely to avoid learning more because it makes her feel like a piece of crap.

    it's a privilege to be able to make choices like this. These are ideals that growing numbers of us simply cannot reach. Maybe never.

  3. Dr Berg Love from India. As u had talked abt Epigenetics, can u make some videos on NAD, NMN and NR on mitochondria and ATP energy and reversing the age and preventing lot of age related illness like Type 2 Diabetes, Alzimers, Parkinson, Heart disease and Cancers etc. David Sinclair is one who had put some videos. But I would like to get your view point also on this dr berg. Thanks and regards. Kumar

  4. I really like you and your content, Dr. Berg. I do wish you success. But…OPRAH? Shades of Oz. Really turns me off. I am done with the DR.s with the newest trendy magic pill. Please don't let the media steal your integrity and divert you from your goal of helping us, who are in the struggle

  5. Have you EVER heard of the bioenergetic view of health and biology?
    The key idea is that energy and structure are interdependent (energy promotes structure and vice versa)
    Ray Peat really founded this if not he revolutionised it.

  6. Dr. Berg, Or Anyone Reading this, I Need Help. For the past 3 years, I’ve been suffering from an unknown ailment, that blood tests and normal doctors visits have been unable to detect or diagnose. In fact, they say I’m normal and healthy. But I know myself, and I know what is happening to me is not normal, because I’ve never felt this way in my 20+ years of life, until the last 3 years. I’m a 25 year old male. Only 5 foot 4 and less than 120 pounds. I’ve never been overweight, and in fact should probably gain weight.

    That being said, the issue is this. I have trouble sleeping at night because my body shakes. Yes, it shakes. It comes from my gut area and maybe some chest. I can hear my heart beat like palpitations, and I have some anxiety. The shaking feels like heart beats (if they were violent and 10x harder than normal). However when the shaking/pounding sensation happens I have felt for my pulse. and realized this shaking/pounding feeling is not in sync with my actual heart beat, so it has nothing to do with my heart “directly”. The shaking/pounding also only happens when I lie down. Either that, or it’s just more noticeable when I do. You can see how this makes it impossible to fall asleep. I have to toss and turn endlessly while rubbing my gut/tummy area to calm myself. It’s better than doing nothing. This has caused me to not have a good nights sleep for several years, which is bad.

    I do have anxiety as well. The stress of course comes naturally from that anxiety. My anxiety isn’t severe/major, but it’s definitely more than a minor case.

    I get bloating maybe 1-2 times per week out of 7 days, depending on the food i eat. And when I do get bloating, it’s damn near impossible to fall asleep. Too much gas that never passes. Worst feeling ever.

    I feel like there are a lot of gut issues in my case. It always feels tight and whenever I try to breathe from my stomach/diaphragm, I feel a super hard pounding heart beat from that area.

    I’m mostly confused because here are my habits:

    1. I do minor to moderate exercise. It’s not much but it’s not nothing. 100 pushups, 100 squats, 50 pullups every other day.

    2. I only drink water. I don’t drink and I never have never will. I only drink juice/soda if there is absolutely nothing else and it is given to me free. I do drink cleansing/green juices every now and then as well as a vegan protein shake.

    3. I don’t take direct probiotic supplements, mostly because ive taken them for years and they dont do anything in my opinion for me. The protein/nutrient shake I drink (around 3 times per week) contains probiotics as well as other great nutrients.

    4. I eat multivitamins every day.

    5. I’m not overweight as I’ve stated and if anything would love to gain 10-15 extra pounds of muscle and teeny bit of fat in there.

    6. Conventional doctors are always confused when I go for a checkup, tell them these things. Their excuse is always “you’re young and only fat/unhealthy people come to me with your problems. You’re fine”. and I’m sick of that because clearly something is wrong.

    7. My diet isn’t great, but it’s not horrible. I eat fast food maybe once or twice a week for lunch since I’m out working. And when I say fast food, only In N Out and Chick Fila. Besides that I eat random home cooked food. Since I still live with parents, my mother makes home made meals. Pretty well balanced. I avoid sugar as much as possible, and if anything the only sugar My body gets is from sugar from fruit or the sugar that’s added in almond milk, etc. Never direct from candy, sweets, desserts, etc..

    I don’t have cravings in general.

    My life has gotten to a point where I can’t relax. My body cannot relax and it’s so tiring/stressful. I went to Cancun Mexico for a family vacation, to completely destress, with no worries about the outside world for 1 week. I COULD NOT RELAX. I’ll be sitting on a bench in the beach, and my body will just feel “off” and “tight” and “high strung”. My gut area just feels tight and heavy. And I’ve lost the ability to just sit/lie still and be at peace.

    Anyone.. if anyone has any suggestions or know what is wrong with me. I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts.

    Thank you! I’m going crazy… Please let me know if you need more/additional information from me.

  7. In short term we all carry x amount of bad genes
    Some of us express it by giving it the right conditions, other don't by avoiding the expression environment.
    Now the big question, can we undo
    the damage by restoring the correct environment?
    I think yes..

  8. Hello Dr. Berg! One question again 😀 Thank you for the answers. My question is about carb blockers. If I need to go to a social occasion and eat carb, will using carb inhibitors help me keep my keto?

  9. Hi Sir, I am following you since a long time. I have studied some of your research papers from pubmed. Sir I am very much thankful to you for your such generous interactions through you tube. I am very much interested to know the way you combat stressful situations. As I can see that you are very motivated and cheerfull all the time. All the best Sir….

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