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September 18, 2020

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Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief – Part 1 of 2.
Bruce Lipton, is an American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that genes and DNA can be manipulated by a person’s beliefs.

00:00 Trailer.
02:15 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
5:24 Brian’s introduction.
6:00 Bruce Lipton is turning conventional science thinking on its head.
08:02 Negative thinking is equally as powerful on the body as positive thinking.
09:51 Your DNA is not controlling your future.
11:40 Explanation of Epigenetics.
16:58 Realisation of environmental effect on stem cells and how this message is received by scientific world.
23:19 How pharmaceutical companies control discussion and research in the medical industry.
29:23 Fighting pharmaceutical companies hold on medicine by belief in the body’s ability to heal itself.
30:32 Stress causes nearly 90 per cent of visits to Doctors.
34:29 The importance of the first seven years of a child’s life.
45:31 How Bruce changed his life around.
48:56 Parenting by being aware of our sub-conscious behaviour.
56:21 Using meditation and psychedelics to access the subconscious mind.
1:04:11 “The Honeymoon Effect” the story of the conscious mind and how to keep the honeymoon alive.
1:11:13 The evolutionary paradigm, next step is to act together to create humanity after 6th mass extinction.
1:17:39 Bruce’s view of Donald Trump’s actions in getting rid of the corporations.
1:22:27 What Bruce discovered that he is now so in love with life.
1:28:13 Bruce’s mission for the future years.
1:30:07 Success secrets.
1:30:36 Does Bruce see technology good for humans or should we be frightened off it?
1:33:29 Why Bruce chooses to live where he does.
1:35:03 Phone call to the 20 year old Bruce Lipton.
1:40:11 Best advice he ever received.
1:42:01 Advice to young people watching who want to change their consciousness.
1:42:16 Brian’s summing up.

Show Notes:
Bruce Lipton website.
Bruce Lipton on YouTube
Bruce Lipton on Facebook
Bruce Lipton on Twitter
Bruce Lipton on Wikipedia

Bruce Lipton Books:
The Biology of Belief

The Honeymoon Effect

Spontaneous Evolution

Topics discussed:
Human Genome Project
The Biology of Belief lecture.

The Matrix
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Society of Jesus
Kent State shootings
Charlottesville Unite the Right rally
Donald Trump and the EPA

People mentioned in this episode:
Francis Crick
James Watson
Angelina Jolie
Robert Kiyosaki
Douglas Rushkoff
Kevin Kelly
Elon Musk
Charles Darwin
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Alfred Russel Wallace


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  1. this guy is so dangerous, especially because there is some truth in everything he says, but he just takes it to the extreme and puts things in wrong contexts. Yes there is epigenetics, but you can't make your immune system shut off by sheer will when you get an organ transplant, you really need the medication to shut it off or lower it enough for your body to accept the organ. What he doesn't mention at all is that there is medication that actually tackles epigenetic systems like methylation, which are in place to help regulate misregulated gene expression.  
    Yes, the placebo effect exists and is real, but the norm is, in order to get medicine on the market, you need to prove that it actually works, usually in a double-blind (which DOES exist) against placebo, bc yes, people are aware of this. Also, I don't think the placebo effect works on lab animals, on which medicine is tested as well, before it is given to humans. Mice don't understand that they have cancer or are modified in a way such that the effect of the medicine can be tested.
    And yes he is right, negative results are mostly not published and papers concentrate on findings, also because the career of an academic depends on publishing papers, but scientists don't make things up to get more funds. This money is anyway given to well education-based and thought-through ideas, experiments don't just start out of the blue to analyze a random idea of which there is no evidence hinting towards it. And of course, if a scientist finds something interesting, s/he wants to dig deeper and confirm and understand things better. don't "get genes" for cancer…this is so unbelievably wrong! everyone has the same set of genes, but sometimes some of them are mutated meaning that either the gene itself is not functional or it is misregulated (expressed too much, not enough or in places and times where it shouldn't be expressed). This itself is not always dramatic, bc we have 2 sets of genes, one inherited from mom and one from dad… but it paves the way…it only needs one more little change for the other copy to mutate as well and then we have no functional copy left. This is for example what can happen in breast cancer, which runs in families. You test if you got a mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which is a tumour suppressor. If one copy of the gene, which is responsible for suppressing tumours as the name says, is already not functional, it means the likelihood of the second one getting damaged and not working as well is much higher and thus the risk of getting breast cancer is much higher, so one really needs to think about preventing it. And yes, what he says is correct, there is not ONE gene that says 'Cancer gene' but there a few which are oncogenes, or tumour suppressor genes, which have a very important function in your body and if damaged, can very likely cause cancer, like for example BRCA1 or TP53.

    What he basically says that with good vibes, positive thinking and a good life you can completely heal yourself. And again yes, with a healthy lifestyle, good food, sports, positive thoughts, low stress, you live way healthier than other people who did not choose this lifestyle and this is very important (bc actually this can change your epigenetic marks and can be inherited to future generations). And yes, positive thinking is absolutely important for recovery from any illness, be it cancer or trauma or whatsoever. But you can't heal just and only with positive vibes and nothing else. As I said, cancer won't go away by just thinking positively and failed organ transplants are not only failing bc people actually didn't want the new organ or were not positive enough about it.

  2. Lipton goes too far. If you inherit a gene from your mother for sickle cell and one from your father for sickle cell nothing can change your fate- you will suffer sickle cell anemia. There are over 4000 genetic and chromosomal diseases and syndromes that have been characterized. True that epigenetic influences like adenylation and methylation of DNA does play a role in gene expression but it's rather minor. And just how in the world does consciousness affect gene expression in a developing fetus- hair bargained idea.

  3. Talking about the topic epigenesis and about consciousness, the people of india have been talking about in their own positive group, but now many ore of them are willing, urging themselves to know, about what is physicality.. And what is beyond geographical.. This is slow but better way to build up a triangle of information, consciousness where our future DNA will rule..

  4. This may help people understand a little deeper, Between birth and age 7 as a child your brain was in a rem state like a dream (hypnosis )that’s how your mind is able to program who you are and how you learned so fast because your subconscious mind is wide open and is downloading the program that will run your everyday life habits and behaviors.

    After age 7 bam 💥 guess what that’s who you are and now you are no longer in rem state you are now using your (continuous mind ).

    That’s why it’s hard to learn new things as you get older because you are running on a 95% subconscious pre downloaded program and that’s running on auto pilot in the background.

    5% your conscious mind is what we use every day . Your subconscious is running on auto pilot in the back ground that’s who you are and your behavior ect.

    Example you have a child who grows up in a house that speaks 3 languages the child learns how to speak all three languages very easily.

    As an adult go and try to learn 3 languages it’s very hard because we are running our everyday lives on 95% downloaded program from others and our environment and you can’t change this unless you go threw extreme trauma or hypnosis and when you first fall in love your subconscious mind is open for programming and re writing any changes in your behavior , you can tell you mind anything you want and it will believe it even if it’s a lie but you must always use positive words because it makes it possible, negative words will not change your behavior or your thought patterns.

    Yes you can rewrite the subconscious programs , what’s crazy is you are who you are from who and whatever raised You.

    You as a child from birth to around age 7 were downloading everything you heard everything you saw from your parents and your environment around you I re programed my mind and thought patterns and behaviors by taping into my subconscious mind this is how I did first I had a traumatic event happen in was in shock and something clicked in my brain there was a shift going on inside me and I knew it so I decided to take everything that bothered me in life and changed the way I thought about it later changed my perspective, this is what I did before I went to sleep and right which woke up in would talk positive words the my mind would know and except to change me , I said the things that consumed me and I dealt with each issue for example I have a problem with always thinking and anxity over being excepted so I said to myself I AM ENOUGH EVERY DAY and I said I will not let any negativity or criticisms in my parson during a conversation with another person it's just a conversation that's it , then I dealt with my issue of people having power over me so I said to myself subconscious mind no person has authority no person is my boss or has any value in telling what to do or making feel under them or their position in ,you life AND BAM 💊 IT WORKED I FEEL SO FREE IT TOOK A FEW WEEKS OF SELF therapy really programming it actually works I'm a new person people there is POWERFUL IN BELIEVING

  5. Biology of Belief

    Life is movement of proteins, protein can change shape,protein provides with your structure.
    Cell is a machine is made out of proteins parts ,the parts interacts with each other to create the complex things we called life.
    We adjust our gene perception belief can changed your Gene's.
    Perception controls behaviour
    Perception rewrite your Gene's
    Environment signal activates the protein
    Gene do not activate itself
    95% individual rewrite gene
    Under Stress you are less intelligent stress reduces conscious behavior
    Body is like a camera.
    Mother and father they are genetic engineer
    Life has everything in it
    You are all powerful you are not victim of genes. Knowledge is power

    What a fantastic an amazing phenomenal talk by Dr Bruce Lipton

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