September 18


Do We Inherit Our Ancestors' Memories? Epigenetics and Genetic Memory in the DNA of Mammals

By heheals

September 18, 2020

Can memories be imprinted in our DNA? It’s a concept seen in popular culture like Assasin’s Creed, but recent research on epigenetics and memory suggests it is really so.

The stone circle field in this video is situated near my home in Østfold in Norway and is one of the most impressive bronze age sites in Scandinavia.

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  1. Hi Mr Bull-Hansen, thank you for your postings. As far as ancestor memory you may be interested in a study by a University of Washington professor where he and his students harassed a group of ravens to see if they had memory. The students wore monkey masks when they harassed the birds. Sure enough the birds in short time remembered the masked students and attacked them when they approached. Cool enough. However 30+ years later, well after the study was concluded the professor put on the monkey mask and walked by the area where they had conducted the study many years earlier, and several generations of ravens later. To his surprise and amazement the Ravens knew that the monkey masked people were no good, and attacked them. So my take on this is the Ravens have a language to pass this information on to their young, or it became part of their dna, ancestor memory. Either way, I find this very interesting.

  2. I live in the US, but my "roots" are primarily from Poland and Norway. I have never been either of these countries, but watching videos from them makes me feel home sick. I know Americans are often times accused of being obsessed with "where we came from", but I think it's something deeper than that. It's like an internal feeling that you NEED to remember. It's part of our identity.

  3. I have this feeling in a place in Ireland call Grianan of Aileach in County Donegal. it's a hilltop ring fort that was written about as a thriving place during Roman times. Visiting the Viking Ships in Oslo was like being slammed in the sternum. I had a very deep reaction to seeing them. When I visit Helsinki, even the first time I had a constant sense of Deja vu that so strong it was almost disturbing

  4. I can buy off. I've often thought that the experiences of dozens of generations of my ancestors are somehow tattooed into my brain or at least into my spirit — because there are places I've imagined or dreamt of that are as real as if I'm standing there, and I'm in touch with the cool air and gray skies and greenery and landscapes that I would find in England if I had gone there; and I've never been there, yet it FEELS as though I have — and at times I feel it in my present. The Brit part of my experience is quite strong, but it is not the only influence; I also feel the Germanic and Nordic influence in my spirit or soul, and I've never been to those two places but it feels like I have.

    Like an earlier commenter, there's music that when I hear it, in the deepest recesses of my soul I am in 12th Century England. When I first heard Enya's music for the first time I was enchanted — entranced almost — by its style and beauty, and when I see a photograph of a British countryside or landscape while I'm listening to her music, it is literally a part of me and I am THERE….if only in spirit or in my dreams at night. So there might indeed be some Norwegian and Celtic memories of ancestors many generations back that might indeed be imprinted in my soul or my DNA. I can't say I fully embrace the concept but I also don't doubt it out of hand — because the feelings I get are too genuine and too tangible to not be influenced somehow by my lineage.

  5. It helps explain why the first time I ever heard bagpipes I was shaken down to my soul. The reaction was so visceral that I couldn't explain it and no one else around me seemed to have the same reaction….. There are other things that are like that too.

  6. Yes I think there is some truth to this we carry important things from the past and perhaps from previous lifetimes, but are those memories our memories or the memories of someone who lived before? People do regress under hypnosis to what may be their former life or perhaps the memories of somebody who is attached to the person? Of course there are always fantasy regressions too but some people regress to events that have impacted them in this lifetime, so this adds credence to the epigenetic idea too. There is so much we don't know about the unseen world and I believe our ancestors were more in touch with it than we are. Materialism or matter realismis destroying our connection to that which matters!

  7. As someone that grew up in Europe and also the US I can agree with you. I often feel a strange draw to Europe that the US does not give me. Its a undercurrent of desire to be back there especially when watching films or pictures showing the European forests. I am Nordic and English descent by the way.

  8. There's a a place in the woods that I go and I just feel it. I feel I'm meant to be there, and as a matter of fact I am here right now at peace. I am also Nordic so I appreciate that place as well that looks really cool! And I also agree I would never go inside the circle

  9. very powerful and spiritual video. yes i have been to places that effected me the same way…places i have never been or knew about before..but there was a very deep connection..a sense of belonging and understanding…. almost to the point of being a distant memory. a feeling as if i knew what happened there before and had been part of it. a feeling as if "the old ones" were present. yeah..crazy sounding..but true.

  10. @bjornandreasbullhansen I am the grandson of Mohawk people and English people. I live where the corn grew for a major town that got razed by Americans in the late 1700's. The memories have all been passed into me. I've never been lost. The landscape of the entire northeast USA is codes into me. Even in my dreams, times past get played out. On the English side are people who were closely tied to the land. Never been to England but the family history and names suggest ancient peoples from that place. I'd love to see it some day. Not sure why some of us are more attuned to what has been passed into us.

  11. I was just thinking this yesterday. I have many places that make me feel a connection. For reasons I could not explain that is. I thought perhaps it was just because I have a love to learn about other cultures, but I found it was more than that. As you spoke of smells, and such things as this seem so familiar and make me feel at peace. Being a bit of a mutt as they say, having a mixture through my family history of many European nations coursing through my veins, what you say makes perfect sense.

  12. When I was 8 I had a dream about entering a large hall with a glass roof . Then on my 14th birthday my mom took me and my siblings to the air force museum in Dayton, and that was the hall I entered in my dream. I don't know what this means but it happened. I believe in God and Jesus , but I've learned never to underestimated the human mind.

  13. This has always made me curious.I do believe we inheirit more than our eye color etc,from our ancestors.When I see photos of western and northern Europe,I somehow feel an affinity toward those places,like I've been there before! Lol It's as if I belong there.Its strange. I don't feel the same way looking at other parts of the world.I get emotional at times when I hear old Irish songs.

  14. Incredible…I just bought a house close to these circles, without knowing it.
    I began following Bjørn a couple of days ago. I’m stunned!
    I have a Viking story to tell, too long for this. I have an unusual confirmed ancestry, called “Slektene fra Nordbygda” that goes about 1000 years back, 30 generations, with names and stories. My forefathers came from Ringerike, settled on Isle of Man and the Hebrides, then returned to Norway, finally Nordbygda i Helgeland. The last 4 generations has been seamen, and masters of lighthouse. I’m an airline captain, it’s in my vanes. I’m telling you, I’ve had this feeling since childhood. I’ve lived all over the world, and I have a keen interest in ancient history. Right now I’ve been living for a while in Arizona, an amazing state. I’ve learnt so much from the Navajo Nation. Now I can’t wait to explore Fredrikstad’s treasures, and maybe one day meet Bjørn.

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