September 18


Dr. Joe Q&A – Epigenetics, conception and childhood development

By heheals

September 18, 2020

Question (summarized): If our thoughts cause us to down-regulate genes and make us ill, what are the mechanisms of disease in children?

Recorded at the Bonn Advanced Week Long Retreat in March 2019.



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  1. Hi from France. I'm a big fan of yours and also of your friend Bruce Lipton.
    I'm a midwife and I teach parents how those emotional, environmental, biological, hormonal transmissions work and influence their babies from the very first cell "the egg" (and even before that in reality) to the birth and the first years.
    It's my goal, one of my life mission to transmit this knowledge.
    your teaching is so inspiring as you transmit BIG informations so clearly.
    You're a mentor to me and it's one of my dreams to be working with you someday.
    Thank you very much for all your work. Can't wait to see you back in Paris !

  2. I have a question which nobody is asking I hope it doesn't offend anyone.
    In the case of a gay person could the meditation convert them back to a normal male to female attraction.

  3. Dear Dr Dispenza

    Your work has been very insightful and it had seemed to be helping me. I’ve watched your interviews and lectures and I read your book breaking the habit of being yourself. You never once mention chakras or kundalini? Why is that? I started your meditations and three days ago I did the water rising in the room. I experienced my body moving uncontrollably like a snake and it was pleasant but when I couldn’t control the energy it started getting hot on my back and neck. I looked it up and it says it could be the kundalini. I read some more abut it and people are saying it’s irreversible. I’ve been having bad anxiety ever since that meditation. What gives? Please respond. I’m leaving this comment on every video I can until I get a response.

  4. Love this, thank you. There are many strands to the spider web of my life, all fitting perfectly together to make a beautiful piece. I have the most fantastic parents, as a youngster I believed I was capable of anything( still do). That prepared me for the life of contrast once I left home, which ultimately caused the creation and cure of my cancer. However the emotional themes I've placed into my children aren't like the ones I was blessed with. I didn't realise until about a year ago when through personal studies the penny dropped, I started to correct what my internal emotions created in them, and empowering them . I hope one day our path cross so I might talk to you in person. Lots of love to everyone xxx

  5. Thank you so much, dr. Joe Dispenza! I'm biochemist. I live in Russia and it is challnge for every day to stay positive here))) I used to progamm my mind so, far before, than I got acqainted with you! I was feeling acxact as you saying we aught to feel to be healthy far before, than I got acqainted with you!. Now I watch every your video and dream to get in touch with you somday to make my research!

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