September 18


Dr. Joe Q&A – Epigenetics, conception and childhood development

By heheals

September 18, 2020


Question (summarized): If our thoughts cause us to down-regulate genes and make us ill, what are the mechanisms of disease in children?

Recorded at the Bonn Advanced Week Long Retreat in March 2019.



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  1. I conceived my daughter in a very stressful environment, her father was verbally and emotionally abusive to me. I had tremendous fear, knowing that I was probably going to be a single mother. I kicked him out when she was 4-5 months old. Was a very stressed out single mom, but gave her a lot of love. She struggles, has a lot of personal and emotional challenges (23 years old) and part of me blames myself because of her early development. Could she switch off old genes and upregulate new gene expression, create a new self with Dr. Joe’s work? Thank you. ❤️

  2. well no wonder the scared to death comes in when I try to do the breathing meditation on my own, oh man~~~ I am Releasing Fear, Hopelessness, Sadness, and all those lower vibrating emotions ONEce and for all ~ scared to death is what is was like, utter terror for the 1st 7 years of my life~ Thank you~ Caroline Manzo

  3. Thank you for your being, thank you for all you have done for us humans so far, I am so thankful that through you I have experienced what life means. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Doc Joe 🙏💫🕉😇 with the best wishes from Hannover in Germany, Dorina

  4. The genetics of a circuitry energy biochemical cell is vastly produced through the DNA structures of it"s cypher connections where you connect on all levels of human vessels through vibrational levels of frequencies of their systematically levels of harmonics .

  5. Last summer I saw a boy in a will chair with his mom and dad walking in a car free zone of the city .. I used to see him for a days and remember him , because of his smile … He was smiling every time I saw them .. I was sad and feeling sorry for the boy .. but one night I dreamed him – and he literally told me: – Please do not worry for me , I am teaching my mother and father patience and love …
    Soon they left my city ..and I did not have a chance to say anything … about his soul purpose .. or I would not anyway because of social rules or else … I do not know ..but I will never forget that dream and that boy 🙂

  6. Wow… This makes so much sense, even though it sounds like its something out of a sci-fi movie. It almost sounds like the recipe to create the perfect child, if the parents are in tune a long time prior to conception. I wish my parents knew this, because it took me 50 years to even begin to understand that we are "allowed" to be who we truly think we are, and live the life that our inner selves tell us we are supposed to be. I have heard about the first seven years of a child's life being so important, and I always tell my grand-kids that no matter what anyone says, they can grow up to be whatever they want. And with the youngest, who is three months, I began to tell him while he was still in my daughter's tummy, and he smiles when I say it.

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