September 18


Epigenetics and Evolution: Bettering Yourself and Humanity with Dr. Bruce H. Lipton

By heheals

September 18, 2020

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For too long, many people have thought that their destiny was controlled by their genes. With advances made in epigenetics, we now know that isn’t the case. Dr. Bruce H. Lipton joins Collective Insights to talk about epigenetics and how the environment can affect genetic behavior. Dr. Lipton also discusses how perceptions of the environment have an impact along with the importance of positive thinking. It all leads to a deeper understanding of how our society will evolve in the future.



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  1. Daniel this is my observation: when you appear to be superior with your technical language you lose the point of how Dr. Lipton teaches with easier to remember visual ideas to connect with and understand. Maybe your subscriber audience is dazzled by this kind of word acrobatics because they feel smart on another level negating the pure simple communication equips one to a broader audience. In the medical field I worked behind a nurse giving report in total medical language… I personally felt it covered up her actual care and caring about the patients. I prefer in medicine and sailing for that matter using everyday words more easily understood because most people in this country started out learning it, longer at it, and the mind doesn't have to shift gears similar to a foreign language. The best teachers, psychologists, or medical doctors know this and accommodate accordingly. Capiche?

  2. Amazing interview, just thinking about people which lived in earth thousands of years ago if they arrived in here right now they would be dead in short time because of our environment today, adaptation is a key for survival!

  3. Amazing video. Dr Bruce Lipton did explain this subject in such a way that I could understand and relate. Especially when he explains, he gets excited! If you know your topic or subject it gets exciting to talk about a subject your excited about! Right!? But! When the other gentleman (Daniel) talked, asked questions or made comments he would totally lose me!!!!! I tried to track his conversation but I think it was the way he was using all the fancy terminology and composed his sentences during his conversation!!! OMG, Grrr!!! Good video. I think I'll still order product.

  4. Bruce Lipton = the modern Jesus. He's telling us to have faith and giving the science at the same time! Take that atheists. This talk goes beyond biology of belief. Years ago doctors healed using frequencies but Big Medicine destroyed it. The FDA ransacked their offices confiscated documents smashed equipment and arrested and jailed them. Maybe we can return to frequency healing on a mass scale.

  5. I am blessed! The exchange I've watched, in the "Epigenetics and Evolution" had an effect on me as being professionally loving towards life experiences. I'm grateful for every expression and conclusion. Excitement comes to me knowing that I am a piece of the field that we are experiencing together. Our future will undoubtedly be entangled, at some point, and we will be aware of the experiences we are now, and have shared. Thanks Daniel and Bruce.

  6. So many parallels in Vedic philosophy. "Yatha pinda tatha brahmanda" in samskrith, meaning "whatever is there in the microcosm, is also there in macrocosm". Yogic rishis reached higher consciousness through austerities, & realized this great science.

  7. this video is informative to all of you for the following: 1. How to make a video look better with good opening music and a great english speaking female voice, 2. speak about sub-conscious, conscious etc in a gruffy voice so that people openly open their mouth and belief… At the end of the day – the whole thing is 'sold' to you, even though you feel that you have heard all what is said in different forms and by different people.. (for example : many of what is said is here is available dime a dozen in the Hindu text of Bhavadgita and of course sprinkled throughout the bible).. You are in awe with this simple theory because of the 'technology of convincing' which is good music, good voice etc. For example: Bible has all these things said to you as if it is said by Jesus, John, Mathews etc but they used different terms like "Holy Ghost", "satan" etc.. and there is hardly anyone except the saint who wrote it who can explain it to you.. Kindly note: I am 1000% happy that Bruce Lipton has decoded the same truths of course through brain research, psychology etc.. His work is credible.. But you can reach the same truth as Bruce, if you can connect and get the meaning of the word "Holy Ghost" – which could be a total collection of Good Thoughts recorded in your "soul" – which is a bit deeper than your "sub-conscious" – this is the recording which creates the memory "I" or makes your feel as "I am".. well this kind of work is dime a dozen in Hindu upanishads and vedas.. but alas not many are there to read and understand.. well, there are not many who can even teach them also. . Of course the vedic concepts are deeply coded into various vocabularies – known only to a very few – just for safety sake.. My last word on this video: A great one to be seen by all, but you must do your own research with this simple question: "Who am I?". .Thanks for reading

  8. I got here by studying the bible, we read about epigenetics in the story of Jacob, Laban and the speckled flocks.

    I'm no science head but i've also been looking into aromatic compounds, (a sweet savour to the Lord) and pi, sigma and tau bonds..i think this is what Bruce is referring to when he talks about proteins and signals and how they affect life.

  9. Great info But how do we get to the point where we can control our genes how do we get to the point where we keep ourselves healthy but our thoughts I understand with Dr. Joe says boy it’s complicated to me anyway has a buddy else to

  10. Well explained I love Bruce Lipton he is a genius in his field like Dr Jonh Dispenza and Greg Barden they are my favorite trio lovem them how they think and how they help the humamity in evolution of mind body science😊great, greetings from Dublin Ireland

  11. I had the same thought about Daniel, I felt like he was borderline rude, like he wanted more control, as in questions and shorter answers from Dr Lipton.
    I think Dr Lipton is brilliant and love listening to him.

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