September 18


Epigenetics Neil Degrasse Tyson

By heheals

September 18, 2020

Epigenetics is an emerging scientific field. Research focuses on the chemical changes that affect gene expression but do not alter the base sequence of DNA. These chemical changes include methylation, the addition of a methyl group to certain nitrogen bases. Researchers are studying these patterns of gene expression, which are passed on from parent to offspring. They are also studying how environmental factors can change the way in which genes are expressed. A growing body of evidence suggests that a wide variety of illnesses and behaviors may be linked to epigenetic mechanisms. These include various cancers, cognitive dysfunction, and autoimmune diseases. The environmental factors suspected of altering epigenetic processes include heavy metals, pesticides, tobacco smoke, and radioactivity.



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  1. @skydome29 So your saying that evolutionary biologist who actually study epigenetics & who are trying to extend the the modern synthesis based on current data are being politicians, yet in your own words a (populariser) who popularizes something to the general public, has nothing to do with politics? I would bet that you never even heard of Stuart Newman or the Austrian summit.

    The findings are printed in MIT press which is anything but a political org. You have a great sense of humor man.

  2. @skydome29 "Name a epigeneticist whos also a popularizer"

    Your using the word in the sense of a noun. When used as a verb, as to (popularize), anyone who can read from a script is qualified. If you want to get a less watered down version of epigenetics which includes gene placidity, self organization models and a challenge to the orthodoxy of some of the central dogmas of evolutionary biology then you should watch my posted interview with evo devo Stuart Newman,…….

  3. @skydome29 cont…."Entitled Will the real theory of evolution please stand up?" Whats even more interesting is why organizations who support neo Darwinism such as Eugenie Scott & the NCSE do not support these same evolutionary development biologist who publicly challenging the limitations some of the major tenants of the neo Darwinian synthesis are trying to extend the evolutionary synthesis based on current data.

  4. @skydome29 In the last short few years we have discovered that this whole junk DNA paradigm which was for many years the poster child for the neo Darwinism/modern evolutionary synthesis, is just false. Even wikipedia has published an……..

  5. @skydome29 cont….. article indicating that this view set us back several decades scientifically speaking. We now know that much of what was referred to, as in the words of Kenneth Miller, "useless mindless scribble" is extremely important in the gene regulation, transcribing RNA, the critical role of ERV's in embryological development,

  6. @skydome29 cont… as well as the regulatory role of transposons and other underlying emergent systems. In another article of the same, concerning evolutionary development biology, it speaks of those in the field who are challenging the central dogmas of evolutionary biology. Although un cited I will be working on that soon. Francis Cricks central dogma that information only flows one way is another one of the many monoliths to bite the dust.

  7. @skydome29 cont… As I said before, even the limitations and abilities of natural selection and random mutations are being questioned by these men who are without question, evolutionist and not creationist. In particle the Altenberg 16. The gene centric view is also another orthodox tenant that has been found to be false and this has been known for even longer. The concept of the gene centrism as we have been taught for all these years is being redefined as we speak,

  8. @skydome29

    cont…. yet most people are never told about these things in these popularized videos you speak of. I also included the Prion Challenge paper with others.

    Epigenetics: A Challenge for Genetics, Evolution, and Development?
    New york academy of sciences

    Developmental Dynamics: Toward a Biologically Plausible Evolutionary Psychology.

    The Prion Challenge to the ‘Central Dogma' of Molecular Biology, 1965–1991: Part I: Prelude to Prions

  9. @skydome29 I'm not going to repeat myself. If you do not understand that he is a lay person outside of his field of expertise as is all scientist who are out of there field, then this is not my problem. Again if you think an astrophysicist is more qualified to speak on epigenetics, then more power to you. This is the watered down version. What you didn't hear was that epigenetics is a challenged to many of the central dogmas of biology as well as the modern synthesis of evolution itself.

  10. @skydome29 "Ask how many people in your LA area know what epigenetics are"

    I seriously doubt even Tyson understands the finer details of what epigenetics encompasses. This is not his field. He is reading from a script & is just as qualified to speak on the subject as any other lay person. And on this particular subject, that is just exactly what he is. In fact I have spoken to college professors who are devout neo Darwinist & even refuse to believe that epigenetics is anything substantial.

  11. @skydome29 If u think that going to a dentist to ask about a heart problem is null,
    then you didn't get the analogy. So carry on, but personally I find that science shows in many respects are filled with just as much politics and dogmas as anything else. If I want to better understand epigenetic, I will try to learn from specialist in that field, such as evo devo's, geneticist & bioinformatics etc. & especially not from someone who is just as qualified as I or anyone else is on the subject.

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