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Epigenetics: How Genes and Environment Interact

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September 19, 2020

Epigenetics: How Genes and Environment Interact

Air date: Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 3:00:00 PM
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Category: Wednesday Afternoon Lectures
Description: Human epidemiological and animal experimental data indicate that the risk of developing adult onset diseases and neurological disorders is influenced by persistent adaptations to prenatal and early postnatal environmental exposures. One group of epigenetically regulated genes that potentially links environmental exposures early in development to adult diseases are those with metastable epialleles. These genes have highly variable expression because of stochastic allelic changes in the epigenome rather than mutations in the genome. The viable yellow agouti (Avy) mouse harbors a metastable Agouti gene because of an upstream insertion of a transposable element. We have used the Avy mouse to investigate the importance of epigenetic alterations in determining adult disease risk in response to early developmental exposure to both chemical and physical agents. The importance these studies with regards to human health and disease will be discussed.

The NIH Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series includes weekly scientific talks by some of the top researchers in the biomedical sciences worldwide.

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The NIH Director’s Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series
Author: Randy Jirtle, Ph.D., Duke University
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  1. So many famous biologists say nothing is gentic. So, red green color blind, physical features, hair color and so on are epigenetic ? The environment made you color blind ? The environment changes your hair color ? The environment made you look like your parents ? They keep saying nothing is genetic but explain that to me.

  2. U-Tube showed a video (I do not remember the title) which explained what happened when all trees in a region vanished, exposing the animals living there.A mouse with light color coat got particularly disadvantaged, so that the very next generation was born with a dark coat enabling the mouse to blend with the environment, which might have been the result eating the right food, as explained in this video. I would like to know how the mouse knew what food to eat so that the offspring can have dark coat?

  3. Can't we just keep our heart & conscience in the right place and proceed with a lesser knowledge of genes and things ? If what we feel and the way we feel does affect our being in the world, is it not possible to keep ourselves in a somewhat confined environment and not seeing too many things around that would distract or even disturb us ? I have felt every individual will have to see to self in terms of their body, meals, social environment, etc. NO ONE SIZE THAT FITS ALL ! Thanks !

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