September 19


Epigenetics: Nature vs. Nurture

By heheals

September 19, 2020

Epigenetics are heritable changes that occur without changes to the DNA sequence. Understanding it can help shed light on the Nature vs. Nurture debate.

Certain environmental conditions can change whether genes are activated or inactivated. These conditions can include drugs, chemicals and nutrition. Exposure can change the level of methylation, changing whether RNA polymerase can attach to the DNA molecule. The behavior of the histones can also be changed; the tightness of the DNA wrapping makes the genetic material either easier or more difficult to access, thereby changing the ease with which it is used. Check it out!

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  1. this video is awesome! I wasn't understanding my behavior science class until I watched this and now the long nature vs. nurture question makes sense!!! thanks! also your voice is so nice to listen too! great prosody!

  2. That was very concise! Thanks. & yes! That's a really big question in the world of Biology & Philosophy, the question of whether it's nature or nurture that forms our personality & other things!

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