September 20


Beyond the Gene: Epigenetics Revealed

By heheals

September 20, 2020

Science for the Public, June 12, 2012. Mary Gehring, PhD. Member, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research; Assistant Professor of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Dr. Gehring discusses how an how epigenetics works. An organism’s phenotypic traits are in large part hard-wired in the sequence of its DNA. Yet phenomena described more than 50 years ago indicated another layer of information exists on top of the genetic code: the epigenome. Chemical modifications to the proteins that package DNA or to the DNA itself can alter how the cell interprets the genetic code. This lecture will explore the contribution of epigenetics to growth and development, with a particular emphasis on plants, which have served as an important model system for understanding these processes..



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  1. 22:14 so the gene for the bilaterally symmetrical shape was silenced. what then caused the radially symmetrical shape? another gene? and if it wasn't another gene, wouldn't this have to mean that the radial shape is the default?

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