September 20


Midsummer Nights' Science: How epigenetics controls our genes in health and disease (2016)

By heheals

September 20, 2020

How epigenetics controls our genes in health and disease
Brad Bernstein
Institute Member, Broad Institute;
Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School;
Co-Director, Broad’s Epigenomics Program

The one genome we inherit at birth gives rise to the thousands of different cell types in our body — blood cells, skin cells, neurons, and so on. How can cells with the same genes and DNA be so different? The answer lies in epigenetics, the system of gene controls that turn on just the right genes in cells.Brad Bernstein will present an overview of the field of epigenetics and discuss his lab’s efforts to understand and correct epigenetic defects in human cancer.

Brad Bernstein is a Professor at Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, and an Institute Member at the Broad, where he co-directs the Epigenomics Program.

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