September 21


Discovery of genes that reset epigenetic age (Horvath clock) | David Sinclair

By heheals

September 21, 2020

Dr. Shinya Yamanaka discovered a group of proteins that can reprogram differentiated (mature) cells into pluripotent stem cells. These proteins, now called Yamanaka factors, are highly expressed in embryonic stem cells in mice and humans. Their short-term expression can ameliorate cellular and physiological hallmarks of aging and prolong lifespan by resetting the Horvath epigenomic clock. In this clip, Dr. David Sinclair talks about the discovery of genes that can reset the Horvath epigenomic clock.

This clip was taken from the FoundMyFitness interview with Dr. David Sinclair found at

Original episode published on Nov 6, 2019



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  1. It appear that BHB will upregulate oct4, and apigenin will upregulate sox2 and klf4. But dose to get optimum effect is unknown. I plan to supplement apigenin during monthly fast when bhb is highest. And to dig further into natural way s to upregulate these genes.

  2. Remove epigenetic marks from DNA and this let cell access genes to which it shouldn't. During replication cell accumulate DNA damage and mechanism using epigenetic marks silence genes to prevent bigger problems like cancer.

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