September 22


Epigenetic Clock (Horvath Clock) Reveals Biological Age

By heheals

September 22, 2020

Hopefully this now put the diet wars to rest and test our ‘epigenetic age’ against our chronological age!

If meat and fat is indeed bad for us, you’d expect that my epigenetic age would say I’m much older than 37 years old. In January of 2020 when I get the results back, we’ll find out.

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  1. Interesting! Not sure if you saw my video on this same topic but we are the same age and I did my test over one month ago! I did not get the results yet. I am so curious! I did a video on it as well. Fascinating stuff. I found that most people I've chatted with online who have done the test are ten or twenty years older. So I am very interested in your results as we are the same age – but I am dealing with some health problems. I hope the results are not too bad. 🙂 Can't wait!

  2. We have a diabetes epidemic because of
    the epigenetic changes of our parents poor health habits.
    I eat FAR better than my parents who have ice cream every night,
    and oreos on the night stand, and yet, I'm the one who developed diabetes. :/

  3. You're funny Mike – taking about using an alcohol swabs, bacteria on phones, and not washing after using the bathroom – then you put your pricked finger in the spot of your body where the most bacteria is – your mouth! Too funny!

  4. Verisatium just interviewed Dr Sinclair, the researcher behind the biological age tests. It's so damn interesting! If there were any company Id choose to sell my dna to, it'd be this. I think the information presented here is far more valuable than any ancestory site

  5. Hi Mike. It's Eric M from CDA. I met you at the store in Idaho. I was buying milk and cream and you said you were going to Montana. How's it going? We have a lot of snow now.

  6. This is a bad endorsement. People are staying away from any DNA/Ancestry test nowadays. There's an agreement clause in almost all of these private companies that reserves the right for them to share or use your data. This is a dismaying huge disappointment on my part because I have such a huge respect for this channel.

  7. I am waiting for my dna results that tell me how I absorb b vitamins, carbs, proteins. Also, what is the best form of exercise for my body and how do I recover. I should have those results in a week and will be doing a video presentation. I think the test you have just done is a good compliment to my dna test to see where I need to tweak anything in my diet.

  8. Good morning, my fellow Washington neighbor. Thank you for this video and its content regarding epigenetics, longevity and nutritional health. I saw Derek’s interview with Dr. Sinclair regarding these very topics yesterday on his channel, “Vertasium”. I was very unhappy to learn that Dr. Sinclair, as a geneticist, believes that in order to not only protect our telemeres and further our lives, reprogramming our very genetic patterns to reset our cellular structure with various components, we should avoid proteins and amino acids. That is not happening in my household. The Carnivore Diet has healed me in more ways than one. It was interesting in how Dr. Sinclair’s interview corresponded with Dr. Rhonda Patrick discussing the same topic on her channel, “Found My Fitness”. I’m curious if you’ve heard of either interview and your opinion of both, should you wish to watch them. One more note, Drs. Keith and Becky Gillaspy from “2FitDocs” discussed this topic yesterday. I took the online quiz they’d linked in their video and I agree with Dr. Keith, “it’s entertaining” (as my “biological age” result was 30 and I’m 47). I’m looking forward to discovering the results of today’s test. As someone who pricks their finger every single morning in order to closely monitor my fasting blood sugar readings (as I’m using both Keto and Carnivore to self-regulate to keep my Type 2 Diabetes in remission via dietary intervention), prick only the side of your finger tip parallel to your nail bed. There are far fewer nerve endings to either side of your fingernail. With a sharp enough lancet, it’s practically painless. Thank you.

  9. What a BS!
    Seems people are more and more straining away from logical, crittical and atonomoys thinking…..
    Everything must be done or experienced outside the "self"…..
    Dumbed down by multimedia
    Cattle behaviour is all around…..
    Overly pampered in unnescessary luxuries……
    Getting lost in materialism, over-consuming 24/7……

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