September 22


Epigenetics – The Power Of The Nrf2 Pathway

By heheals

September 22, 2020

I’ve presented several videos indicating that lifestyle factors are obviously very important in determining whether your brain is going to be healthy or you are going to be at risk for a degenerative condition of the brain. An example being Alzheimer’s disease. It turns out that the reason that the high carbohydrate, the lack of physical exercise, gluten and other things that lead to inflammation are so important is because they tend to increase, as mentioned, inflammation. The process of inflammation is tied in intimately with increasing free radicals. These are the two pillars. Inflammation and the action of free radicals ultimately damage brain cells and lead to death of brain cells. In this video we will dive deeper into this process and what you can do to prevent it.



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  1. Keto diet will help decrease inflammation and stress, fasting for 24 hrs helps multiply new blood cells, I am not a doctor but the truth is gor body is a temple people just watch what you consume and the rest will work out. No sugar smd under 20gs of carbs per day on top of fasting will help with cancer and allot of the other shit gor body hates processing

  2. Thanks David, for broadcasting all this (new) information to the world. My mother suffers from intense depression and bipolar 2 symptoms. She was hospitalized three times already for periods of 1-3 months each time. She got rid of indigestion problems as soon as she eliminated gluten from her diet. Also, people around her report that she looks a lot happier and with more energy. I noticed that immediately also during our daily chats on the internet. She sounds more hopeful, something that I think she had lost forever. She's on a gluten-free, dairy-free low-carb diet at the moment.

    More people need to know this as this is life changing stuff.

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