September 23


Basic Primer in Epigenetics

By heheals

September 23, 2020

Script by Nate Hathaway, animation and design by Jason Whitley and Catherine MacAllister.



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  1. What do you mean at the acetylation part? It stated that when acetylation takes place, it reduces the positive charge of histone tail hence, repels the DNA negative charge. How can that be? Isn't it unlikely to repel if it less positive? And ain't repulsion of the negative charge DNA strand only happen when the positive charge is stronger? Any clarification on this? Thanks in advance.

  2. All the information required to create an organism is not in the DNA. Centromeres, other structures, and potentially other codes are required. Cell division will occur without DNA to create hundreds of cells, but of course these are non-functioning. Check on the state of research in a decade, and you may find that oragismal information is much more diversified.

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