September 23


Epigenetics: A Key to Better Health and Wellbeing

By heheals

September 23, 2020

The human genome is so complex that it has a code on top of it, the epigenome, which is an instruction manual so that the cells of the body can interpret the underlying DNA and activate genes when and where they are needed. The 23,000 genes are the recipes to create over a million proteins in the human body. While all the cells in the body have the same DNA blueprint, this second “epigenetic code” is distinct in each type of cell, and controls when, where and under what circumstances in the body, a gene’s protein recipe is required.


~Original Idea: Sylvia Schroer

~Written: Laura Stuvé, Roberta Weber, Sylvia Schroer

~Narration: Diana Gardiner

~Music: Expansion by Ascendant

~Film: Digifish



~Sylvia Schroer:

~Laura Stuvé :

~Roberta Weber:

~Diana Gardiner:





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