September 23


Epigenetics in all of this.

By heheals

September 23, 2020

Hey there! I’m Stacy. A reformed psychotherapist turned life coach helping codependent empaths to dissolve generationally inherited trauma so it doesn’t end up in the marrow of our grandchildren by default.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Stacey😎🌈😎I was hoping you would do a video on this subject… I really enjoyed your Podcast with Gabby too… I have to listen to it a few more times to take notes..but because I have gotten to know you, your story & the things you teach so well this past year.. I got everything pretty much off the first listen…such good healing work…So proud to learn from you and have you be one of my mentors❤️😊❤️

  2. This is a great subject that I have researched more than anything, by far, I found this too be confusing, if anyone doesn't understand this just look up Dr Bruce Lipton, nothing wrong with this video, but she's not a epigeneticist, so very hard too describe it, even I can't in words

  3. I have been seeing a holistic chiropractor who practices tcm, and I have had more progress with my health through muscle testing and realignment than I have with my general practitioner. I've finally reached what she considers the maintenance stage; migraines are almost nonexistent, fatigue is almost gone and my anxiety has greatly decreased. All through supplements and dietary change. Nurturing our bodies is so important, and I am grateful to have been called to find my healing through this path. I cannot wait to fond what else is in store for me. <3

  4. do you have a mailbox/post address, i would love to send you jewelry im learning to make. I study in dubai and my mom is American (Michigan) and my dad is from Saudi arabian. your videos are very enlightening and soothing. (likeminds)

  5. I have called it a problem the people around me who stop me in the street where ever I’m at almost daily they talk to me and tell me their problems. Like a mysterious sign over my head I collect the karmic dust bunnies with no effort on my part. I never understood why when they didn’t know how adverse their emotions and experience effected me. That was until I found you and your revelations that have profoundly changed my life for the better. Peace

  6. Although of course, ancestral genetics are handed down to each of us. Not all of us carry the same affects from abuse and neglectful circumstances, as the next person in our family does; that they also suffered through the same environment, the same crappy childhood. This also goes for some genetic factors within ourselves, this theory would imply that we would all meaning: (our siblings and yourself) would therefore be predestined, to addictions as an example.
    We will say for this story purpose,that addiction ran through generations of our family tree. Such as alcoholism to be more specific.

    This theory then would imply, that two or three children from the same family of neglect or abuse of living with an alcoholic parent or parents, should render the same affect or outcome as our ancestors were afflicted from. {The alcoholism}
    That all three children should grow up to become alcoholics.

    But we all know, that this genetic blue print, and the same childhoods within the home environment does not render three alcoholic adult children as an affect to experiencing crappy childhoods, and or same family genetics.

    One of the three children may turn out later in life to be an alcoholic. But the other two siblings, do not drink at all. You get what I am questioning about this theory?

  7. Sometimes life throws me a tiny nugget of information. That I immediately am- drawn to – attracted to – can't stop rolling it around in my thoughts kinda of nugget. If humans have instinct and animals have instinct. And if our cells know where to go and function without the perceived influence of outside influence. Is there cellular instinct? We can have cellular memory so it wouldn't be so far fetched for cellular instinct. Where does that come from? Where does the programing for a particular cell to function in an instinctual manner come from? The way it is explained to me why a bear knows what.kind of berries to eat is a instinct which in my mind would be passed down information. Because there would be no bears if it all was a trial and error process. There would be a repeat cycle of poisoning. My thinking is bearX had to eat the wrong berry and might die or get sick and that would be the imprinting to create an instinct. Which in turn kinda points to collective learning? Because not all bears are dead. Just like how the human species has a instinct for survival. Every spring has a source just like in humans I think. There is a source I hypothesis to all this. A momentX. I have spent in truth 35 active years that I can remember of my 40 years trying to understand me the world and what the source for all of this crazy ass shit is. Everything has a source. – I want to get back to it cause I suspect my home is there. I didn't think like this when i was 5 but I did wonder chronically why shit happens.
    All this came about at 4:12 when she mentions cells move and do what they do on their own.

  8. So how do we actually be grounded and fully present? I’m aware of grounding exercises, but they never last more than ten minutes, so I find I’m often caught unawares in a state of nervous system overload … exactly how she describes how Old Her would have reacted to the baby screamer. I need a more permanent grounding solution. “The way through the heart” is too vague.

  9. I agree. Our entire ancestry is in our DNA. Our history, our stories, all the good and the bad. How wonderful it would be to have the key to unlock all that gone before….. or maybe not, because we are the product of all that went before. I agree, we can change the story.

    Your message is right on cue as I have been recalling past memories, good ones, the ones pushed to the back and long forgotten, memories that reflect a more honest perspective upon myself rather than head bashing narrative we became accustomed to and unconsciously became the default program.

    Yeah…, change the story…, change it to what is actually true. This is going to take some work and the imprinting of some mental reminders when we catch ourselves detouring down default ally and some gentleness when sometimes we've done a few laps before we noticed.

    Thank you.

  10. Agreed – I recently had a dream being strangled to death, I was being strangled as a women, and saw the boyfriend or husband with his hands around my neck, but I WAS LAUGHING – Like making fun of him, I wasn't scared, but making fun of him until I blacked out, then I woke up – I was like WTF – Now I know I was a energetic witness to a past murder – A vibrational MATCH to that moment in time

  11. I just finished looking at my facebook time-line from 2009. I was returned to the mind processes that i had then and i clearly saw how blocked i was. Cant imagine living in that mind anymore … and i thought my spiritual awakening was hell …. no way. Me 10 years ago was hell. I am accepting all the things i rejected back then and i love the gentle parts,shadowy parts all of it … i just feel sad that i wasted my teenage years stuck in my head

  12. It sooo does. I told my Nan about some memories that I have and aren’t mine. They are my Mom’s.
    We carry 6 generations on information on our DNA, so everything you just said made perfect 👌🏻 sense!
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  13. I am trying to figure out where I am in this…. I don’t like to be touched by most people. I’m surprised when someone touches me and I don’t flinch. I think I may have got left alone a lot as a baby. But at the same time I am a hugger! I can feel people’s negative energy easily. Currently there is four people in my work area, but I’m
    Not feeling negative vibes. I just came across epigenetics recently on Facebook and this today. 😎

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