September 24


Epigenetics and Evolution | Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives

By heheals

September 24, 2020

Creation in the 21st Century: David Rives interviews Dr. Georgia Purdom, Molecular Geneticist and staff scientist at @Answers in Genesis. The two discuss epigenetics and the challenge epigenetics presents to the evolutionary theory.

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  1. As a good loon, Purdom is of course able to take any strong evidence for a hypothesis to be evidence for a completely opposite one by applying the standard creationist data handling rules: distort, mangle, quote-mine, confuse and assert. She was an early critic of Richard Lenski’s famous experiment, entering the fray even before ultramoron Andy Schlafly launched his helplessly gomeric attacks

    Thar's from the Encyclopedia of American Loons. You're welcome.

  2. Evolution does not require any sort of intelligence, its a passive process. This means that a cell does not make stuff up wich it thinks it may need, it cannot look into the future and doesn't even have any sort of intelligence. It's more like there are a thousend variations of that same cell wich slightly differ in their DNA, and the DNA that is the most likely to survive and replicate will be the dominant one in the future.

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