September 25


Epigenetic Memories Have Tormented African Americans by Billy Carson – http://4BK.TV

By heheals

September 25, 2020

Epigenetic Memories Have Tormented African Americans by Billy Carson – Watch the full 1 hour episode on http://4BK.TV
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Created by Billy Carson AKA 4biddenknowledge



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  1. Ones sensations reactions are what enslave us. Me wise to those whom manipulate you sensation reaction for there self gain. With equanimity to the passing of the sensation reaction, one can erase past condition events.

  2. Siriusly feeling like someone time traveled & altered time line.. I keep having deja vu with images of the George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery & Breonna Taylor murder incidents. I know I've seen them all before. So much that I'm searching thru old stored images I have of the injustice done to us. May or may not find them. But, I am certain I've seen & lived this time before! ThAnkh u, Duaoo, Yakoke, Billy for sharing ur knowledge & spirit!

  3. This really makes me think about my children. My son that is 7 comes from a different me than my 1 year old. 7 years ago I was still "asleep" and wasn't "woke" as they say. I couldnt have imagined watching "hidden colors 2" would make me want to do independent research on so much. So many truths to learn and discover

  4. I thought we reincarnate? It's one thing or the other, it can't be both. Do you think other races haven't seen their own killed by police just as outrageously as George Floyd? The only difference is they never responded by burning down their own communities. Does anyone remember Daniel Shaver shot like a dog because he couldn't follow the murdering cop's Simon Says-like instructions? No charges. No riots. Quit blaming whitey for your fucking lives.
    Genetic memory my ass. Everybody comes from a place of hard times.

  5. Even psychological trauma damages DNA. There are many races on this earth who have suffered oppression and horrifying abuse and extermination. Genetic memory and genetic trauma are real and can be debillitating. Especially since there are those ham-fisted resurrectionists that can't give up their teeny weeny toys and stupid, devolving games. The world needs to be freed from narcissistic oppressive manipulators.

  6. I'm black and have suffered something very awful at the hands of an NYPD officer. I actually help people heal and overcome generational memories. But Bro this by no means excuses burning down your own community. These people are surrendering to their lowest nature and must be held responsible. If one of those rioters tried to burn down my home or business I would stand my ground. I don't care if their great great great grandmother was a slave. So was mine.

  7. On the flip side, it also means White Americans have many more generations to go before they release their racist mindset. We're in for a long ride. And yes, I know, not all White people. Some are way ahead of the curve. I'm talking about the slow pokes taking their own sweet time.

  8. I guess Eckhart Tolle calls it the painbody. It is dormantly present in a body or a collective body. It can be activated by painful triggers. Need spiritual practice to become conscious of it, otherwise it takes over the mind of a person or a collective.

  9. Important time for the rebirth of Spirituality on a macro level. Change doesn't occur from the top down, rather in the building from the ground up, like a tree so blooming it's fruits a top from its laborious growth.
    Very greatful to have found Mr. Carson's channel. Rock on 4biddenKnowledge

  10. Never underestimate the power of Victum Class Status, polarizing thinking, the Politics of Individualism: Liberalism, Liberal Feminism, and Anarchism. Come on isn't this a social construct designed in a Pysop environment? Genetics dies have some part of it, but yhat can be changed. Also how can anyone talk about it when they are accused of being a racist? These hot topic things need to be torn down.

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