September 25


Hypnosis Epigenetics Self HEALING. Activate Genes for Health (Binaural Shift Version)

By heheals

September 25, 2020

The science of epigenetics shows us the relationship between mind and body. How we think influences our beliefs, and from that our emotions, how we feel, which in turn influences the way our body. Cells cell activate genes based on their environment.

HypnoGami uses a technology called binaural beats, either by using a technique called frequency phasing, or by actually generating a tone on the background. Research shows binaural beats stimulate the brain and unlock the creative powers of the mind. This brain needs around 7 minutes to get “entrained”. HypnoGami combines hypnotic induction with brainwave entrainment to guide you to the perfect open receptive state to allow for changes to take place.

This is the Binaural Shift version, best experienced with headphones. Binaural Shift applies a frequency shift on the background music, helping your mind to calm down into the lower brain frequencies. For the normal version see:

Enjoy your HypnoGami session!

PS. Do not listen to these recordings while driving or operating machinery. Only listen to these recordings when you can safely relax.



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