September 25


Isabelle Mansuy, ETH Zurich on Epigenetics (2014 WORLD.MINDS)

By heheals

September 25, 2020

Professor Isabelle Mansuy from ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, on the new field of Epigenetics. Talk delivered at the 2014 WORLD.MINDS Annual Symposium. Trauma, passed down genetically from generation to generation. Symposium curated by Rolf Dobelli



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  1. Siiiiiiiiiiiick! Nice work.
    Wish to learn more about this.. can the trauma be healed for example? If experience can cause such RNA changes. What experiences can change it back to normal? If therapy is done by parents to heal their own trauma, will they pass down less trauma to their children? Can we measure someone's RNA to tell us how traumatized they are?

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