September 25


Methylation and Epigenetics (2016) IB Biology

By heheals

September 25, 2020

7.2 Transcription and gene expression: Methylation and Epigenetics

Understanding that:

-The environment of a cell of an organism has an impact on the gene expression and thus has the ability to be inherited by the offspring
– One type of marker = methyl group is added to cytosine = methyl cytosine
– Methylation can inhibit transcription and switch off gene expression
– environmental factors can influence the patter of methylation and gene expression



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  1. Your videos have been getting me through revision! Just a bit of confusion though; you say here that methyl caps/methylation inhibits transcription, but in another video about Nucleosomes you say that methyl caps cause the DNA coils to loosen which then make way for RNA polymerase to enter and carry out transcription…I feel like I'm missing a key point, or something was miscommunicated? Thank you! 🙂

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