September 26


BioViva Journey with Liz Parrish – Epigenetics

By heheals

September 26, 2020

Today we’re going to talk about the Epigenetic clock. At the genomic level, Epi means above. Every one of your cells has the same genes in it, the exact same genes, the genes that you got from your mom and your dad that makeup you and those genes code for proteins. But the difference in yourselves and the reason your pancreas is different than your nose and your nose is different than your toes is because of epigenetics. Different cells in your body know how to essentially be different things because of the genes that are turned on in those cells.

If a cell produces a protein that makes a growth hormone, or if that cell produces a protein that makes something like insulin, are the differences in the epigenome. Epigenetic clock. It just turns out that over time through biological aging, your epigenome changes in yourselves as well. There’s something called the Horvath clock. Through methylation, things change in your cells over time.

There’s something called chronological age and that’s how old you are today in the sense of how many years you’ve been on this planet, how many times around the sun have happened since you were born.

But the epigenetic clock is looking at your biological age. And we know now that people actually biologically age at different rates. It might be because of a genetic predisposition. It might be because of the things that they eat, the exercise they do or not. And a myriad of other things like the microbiome and in various other omics, the different parts of your physical body that actually change the rate of aging.

We’re excited about this epigenetic clock and right now we sell a test kit at BioViva that deals with the epigenetic clock and we want you to participate in that. We want you to participate in this learning process about you, how old you are based on your epigenetic clock. And so we hope that you will be part of that.

What do we do with all this data? We use that data to help create innovative therapies in the gene therapy realm that will reverse the effects of biological aging. So your activism, your participation and your sharing of your information helps that all happen. Now that you know about your epigenetic clock and how that relates to your biological age, we hope that you will get involved in learning more, taking the test, the participating in technologies that might reverse biological aging. And then taking that test again and seeing how well we’ve actually performed. Thanks for listening. Please share like and follow and follow the links to the website. I look forward to your genetic future.

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  1. So this is Epicgentic Clock vs. Calendar Clock/Year? So what are you insinuating? That we could be much younger or older depending on our Epicgentic biological process as opposed to our current annual age? Which is why you want us to participate in this program that may determine how old we really are depending on the Epicgentic?

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