September 26


Epigenetics: Journey from the Pyramid, to the Plantation to the Projects to the Promised Land!

By heheals

September 26, 2020

Brought to you by: [OFFICIAL] The SHOCK Metaphysics Virtual Kemetic Wisdom School
In this exciting episode of the Philippe Matthews Show LIVE, Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene returns to discuss the Epigenetics of the journey from the Pyramid, to the Plantation to the Projects to the Promise Land!

We will cover the topics of:
– The role of environment on organic life (Sun environment vs. Ice environment)

– How the brain is impacted-Ligands, neurotransmitters, neurons (axons, dendrites and neuronal terminals)

– Neuron connections association (life in original our home environment , dis-association (life in hostile environment) and re-association (returning back to living like you are in your home environment, while you are still living in a hostile environment)

– Dr. Joy deGruy (author of “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – and Trans/Intergenerational transmission of the trauma of being enslaved

– Connecting Aleya Dao ( and the Light body…the essence of who we were before birth and who we will continue to be after.   There is no “Afterlife,” there is only “Eternal life”.  Earthly life is an experience of the “Light Body”.  But, it existed before and it will exist after.

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  1. I just cannot stop watching [all] your shows! Baba Kaba Hawatha Kamene is so Brilliantly and eloquently changing my thought patterns on each Level with each Lecture!
    I'm tryna but every book to feed myself and anybody Whose ready! ❤☻👊

  2. Thank you brother Philippe thank you dr kaba you guys are very amazing and level of knowledge so amazing as well as intriguing I've discovered you guys a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to turn you all off I'm headed in this direction I don't know why but I've been seeking this much of my life like I said I don't know why but it speaks to my spirit like it makes my spirit of my soul happy and I've had a lot of questions a lot of things I don't fully understand but thanks to you too I'm getting there more & More place Salute to the both of you

  3. Phillippe I thank you for your shows they are very informative, but brother Kaba is sick with it (The Knowledge), but he is so on point; I am lucky to have come across past and present Ancestors who can help Blacks come into the Consciousness of who we are. Shout out to DMX

    "They Don't Know Who Be"

  4. Booker T. Coleman now best known as Kaba Hiawatha Kamene is the man i have been following this man for quite sometime he is a brilliant teacher he makes our history nd the way we as blk ppl are now so easy to comprehend thank you for this interview

  5. Man! I am so late watching this. I wish I could see ask him some questions. I'm so confused by his teaching. I come from a Christian background so what he was saying did not line up. Perhaps I was taught wrong. I am willing to know that.

  6. Wonderful! These conversations connect sooooo many dots! Thanks to him and Dr DeGruy (and of course youuuu PM) I have so much to chew on. Epigenetics is a very interesting field of study… I hope more advancements can be made to solidify our trauma and development of solutions.

  7. This is why i'm concerned with this "i'd rather die than live as a slave. Who made that up. I honor my family, love and respect what they did. But like Bob said , "smart run away, live to fight another day. We are hear because the ancestors who survived were the strongest. We can do this, we will not quit until we give life back to this planet.

  8. Professor Kaba is a bad motha…shut your mouth…we I'm talking about Kamene….well we can dig it….Preach Bro….Preach….!!!!  If you have ears and don't hear….shame on you….this is from the mouth of Creation directly to our ears…!!!!

  9. This was so empowering. The Presentation by Professor Kaba,the way he Articulate the information makes it Kristos Clear. He Worthy of the same acclaim as any Pan African or Afrocentric Scholar that we Hold in High Regard. Philippe your show is definitely and Resource to the Struggle,Please Keep it Coming and Thank You for your Contributions… ✊✊✊🎓🎓🎓👑👑👑📜📜📜🌞🌌🌍

  10. give thanks bro phillipe continue to love and share,the ancestors will continue to guide and protect you and your family, nuff luv and respect . keep walking in the light, that crystal clear blackness.Ase

  11. Woooow….Knowledge is power. "Behave or I will call the police" yaaaasss. I have not only heard parents, kin say this to their youngin but also, happened to me. This is so personal and real. Wow. Post Traumatic Slave Disorder.

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