September 26


Epigenetics, MTHFR Gene & Potential Dangers of Folic Acid w/ Dr. Ben Lynch

By heheals

September 26, 2020

Dr. Bubbs interviews epigenetics expert Dr. Ben Lynch, who dives into the emerging field of epigenetics, outlining how the environment impacts how your genes are expressed. Dr. Ben discusses the MTHFR gene and its implications on your health and performance. He shares insights on methylation and its role in optimal heath, as well as highlighting the dangers of excess folic acid, efficacy of different types of supplemental folate, and most importantly how to make sense of genetic tests.



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  1. I was told I have the MTHFR gene after I had 3 miscarriages. I was pregnant again and they put me on blood thinners. I’ve always had issues with fatigue, depression, anxiety, hair loss, I get itchy rashes around my neck and shoulders. I had preeclampsia with my first daughter. I have been lost in how to feel better and treating it. So I appreciate this podcast so much !

  2. I hav mthfr, and I can’t digest any form of b vitamins- natural or synthetic. It causes severe anxiety and panic attacks, and heart palpitations and insomnia. I feel so sick! I took brewers yeast ystrday and I had an emotional break downe: panic attacks.Smallest amounts of dedicated beef liver takes me down,and so does the specially-made mthfr B vitd! extremely sensitive to any stimulants- b12 and caffeine give me insomnia, and panic -My hair is falling out, homeosistine very high, and ferritin is low. I hav anemia. Pls help.

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