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Non 12-Step Addiction Recovery | Epigenetics-Neuroplasticity | Neurogenesis | Neuroplasticity

By heheals

September 27, 2020

Dean Taraborelli, founder of The Sanctuary at Sedona, presents compelling new science on the treatment of addictions and co-occurring disorders. You can overcome addictions, depression, anxiety.

Scientific discoveries in biology and neuroscience have provided new data that show that it is possible to change our genetic expression, create new neural networks and grow new brain neurons throughout our lifetime. This is a huge revolutionary, or more to the point, evolutionary, paradigm shift in our understanding of how our bodies and minds can heal. This presentation will discuss the sciences of Epigenetics, Energy Psychology, Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis and their impact on addiction treatment. This discussion will provide a brief overview of Radical Transformation® an efficient and effective holistic 4-Step Program to aid people in recovery from addiction, codependency, and other self-destructive behaviors. It is now substantiated by science that the mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, thus the possibility of complete and sustainable recovery is significantly increased when your entire being is treated, not just one part of yourself. Therefore if a client has symptoms manifesting in the mind, there must be a related imbalance in the physical body and/or energetic body. Radical Transformation® directly addresses the mind, body, spirit connection with a specific protocol that deals with each of these aspects.

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  1. I met Joe – he is a snake oil salesman.

    The problem with this video is that it mixes some truisms with bad science and remains shallow.

    No, you can't 'grow a new brain'.

    Rehabs do not help people with addiction. This guy is founder of a rehab. Why would you take advice from someone selling a 'cure' which will simply leave you out of pocket.

    Check out The Freedom Model.

  2. Absolutely, "we're an addictive society". Addiction also keeps people in their place, which is useful for those organisations that benefit from the addictions of others ie big business, pharma, social media tycoons, food manufacturers etc, etc. We all need to take control of our individual potential to become addicted to whatever. And be aware that there are powers / organisations / big business out there that benefit from us becoming addicted. We all need to try to free ourselves from the addiction vicious cycle. And become more aware of how addiction feeds profit, but ruins lives. Good luck to all those trying to free themselves from addiction.

  3. Funny that abilify was used an example of bad side effects. I was prescribed abilify in conjunction with Paxil back in 2009 for major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety. I had a bad reaction to the abilify and started to get symptoms of paralysis in my face and stiffness in my arms and joints. I thought I was having a stroke. I was at the city zoo at the time with some friends when the symptoms started getting severe and had my brother pick me up and take me straight to the ER. My jaw was locking and I could barely speak. I was shaky and started to panic…turns out I have an intolerance to the medication and after a dose of Benedryl, Ativan and $4K later for the few hours I was in the ER, my symptoms subsided and I was release with strict instructions to discontinue use of the abilify (obviously I was never going to touch that crap again). It was really scary…I felt helpless and out of control. I’m so glad I found this channel, as traditional methods for recovery have not worked for me. It gives me hope. Thank you.

  4. 12 step programs don’t resonate with me at all. after years of doing steps and attending meetings, i’m still not buying into it. doing the steps was a huge waste of time. i’m self-actualized. i already knew all of the supposedly mind- shattering epiphanies. likewise, the 12 step paradigm doesn’t seem to work for the intelligent people i know. i’m thrilled that you posted this. thank you!

  5. Pursuing my Masters in Mental Health and Addiction Studies. I was told before that I was an alcoholic; and attended the AA meetings. I stopped drinking; but stopped going to AA. But I realized that I had to overcome my trauma and develop more into fitness, nutrition, and feel mentally healthy. This video is representative of what I experienced. I feel recovered. Thank you!

  6. I do not believe people can think themselves well or sick. Once again a disease of the nervous system is to be treated with thinking? This is what has kept scientists from finding physiological causes and cures for neurologic diseases. Apply this to, say, diabetes. Should the diabetic be left to think his/her way out of disease or should s/he receive insulin? As the biochemistry of the brain and nervous system are unlocked, hopefully there will be treatments for brain disease, as effective as insulin is for diabetes and perhaps even better. First we have to get talk & think therapy out of the way.

  7. Does this program offer anything to people who have little money or have just Medicare and Medicaid? I am finding it so disheartening that the quality of care for people, (and there are plenty especially considering the nature of the problem!) is reserved for people who have money or resources. How can you help inner city kids and why would you consider rejecting them? (This is assuming that you do not take persons on disability or helping some indigent patients.

  8. Thank you I loved ur video plzz teach me more I do not like aa or na teaching because I am not powerless im clean and have been, to me thats having some power over my addiction I believe that counclers need to spen more time finding the root of problems instead of more pills, I also believe addiction is a way of coping with traumas…. thank you post more

  9. I got drug addiction for 3 years and I was searching at google to get best place for rehabilitation. It was great when its drug rehabilitaion place make my life healthier and happier. More info please contact 855-414-0454

  10. What if addiction is just a conditioned response and not a disease? Both were mentioned.And really none of it matters  until a person comes to a point of true Surrender . People think they know what they need but the reality that often knocks them to thier knees is TRUTH in LOVE .The problem with today is we try to come up with scientific solutios for spiritual problems There is too much transference from illeagal drugs to leagal perscipts. More  social bandaids on  spiritual cancer. If you really wanna help some one love them enough to say and do the hard things as well as the easy things. Give your time and your talent love thm the way you love yourself 

  11. I've been seeing professionals in the field of addiction for over 5 years. It's not until now, after watching your video, that I actually believe in what I'm hearing and connect to the information. I have people all around me that love me and want to help but I have no idea how to,let them in. I feel completely alone and can't help but to feel like my bad decisions while using all these years defines who I am. I've forgotten how to connect with people. Even my own family. I want to recover and not continue to be in recovery. Can you recommend some ways to practice some of your approaches aside from the ones you've talked about. Thank you so much, this really has given me some unfounded hope.

  12. I don't think that the references to the 12 step program are a good idea since they refer to a program that goes against most of what you are explaining. Their steps are quite different in nature then those you are suggesting. The AA/NA program is based on the idea that you are an addict for life (Hi my name is X and I am an addict/alcoholic/whatnot) very bad idea form the get go, also that you are powerless, that you have a disease, that you must surrender to a "higher" power (that power is within you just somewhat unacknowledged or lost in the shuffle), Obviously, addictions are symptoms of a spiritual breakdown, meaning a fragmentation from within. The idea is to recover this wholeness (ie authentic self). A broken spirit is not a disease per se, it can be fixed if one knows what to do and can understand how it works,I like that your program emphasize proper nutrition, that is so crucial to both mental and physical health dimensions. Personally, I think that support groups are the most seductive way to resist changing. All it does is promote this on-going obsession with addictive behavior and how difficult it is not to relapse (because we love these substances after all). just not where they lead to. Triggers are messengers, not excuses to take the plunge. They are telling us to pay attention to something we haven't dealt with effectively so far.  It would be better to take the opportunity to do just that – instead of falling back into the old pattern that doesn't work. People need to practice their communication skills (to stop playing games), I hope this is part of your program as well. 

  13. Muchos pacientes precisan este tipo de enfoque ya que los tratamientos y la concientización sobre el problema de la adicción, en ocasiones queda paralizado por el concepto de la enfermedad como algo que no tiene modificación. Este modelo permite salirse del dilema adicto/en negación del problema.Abre muchas alternativas y caminos…

  14. This is incredibly GOOD!!!! Thank you so much, as a Social Worker, I would like to ask you permission to use this in my current groups, and also, can you recommend me more literature on related topics? THANK YOU!!!!!

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