September 27


The New Science of Epigenetics with Kenneth R. Pelletier

By heheals

September 27, 2020

Kenneth R. Pelletier, MD, PhD, is professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center. He is author of Longevity, Mind As Healer …



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  1. I’m sort of taking issue with the discoverer of telomeres saying we are not victims of our genetic inheritance bc, in a way, we certainly are, we are victims of the environments into which we are born and raised, and if that is one of violence, poverty, abuse and all the many ramifications and brokenness of those, who’s going to pay for education, psychotherapy, healthcare, good, wholesome food, supplements, etc? Poverty is exhausting, and trying to navigate a system designed for and by the wealthy to exclude the poor or, at best, offer no assistance, leaves us at the mercy (victims of) our environments that caused the rogue genetic expressions to begin with . . .

  2. Thanks, very interesting, as always. However, I do think a PhD in genetics would be far more accurate for knowledge not transferred opinion. I mean, that epi-genetic studies, I thought, was more about the study involving, the starvation, of Irish I believe, potato famine, & the effects genetically on descendants in certain, measurable ways. Medical doctors just aren't geneticists! So making leaps from one field to another is ify at best, with little evidential experimentation! Drawing conclusions like this is more analogy & metaphor, not science. Get a geneticist! Many alchemists had ideas & drew conclusions, but CHEMISTRY was the science. Same thing here.

  3. life has x energy for genes, they delegate functions to other life forms meaning future forms of life can focus on other aspects, in humans cognition/ intellect. biomass/energy increases new more advanced forms of life evolve to utilise the energy source. that is why all life has almost the same DNA, each later species can delegate more functions to older species, for plants converting light into energy and the other things they do uses their genes, this is one process we delegate along with all of the others before we consume it when eating higher organisms. plants also delegate to micro organisms just as the microbes delegate to the plants because there is only so much each organism can do. for more organisms the higher utilise the more complex they can become because each life form is specialising in different things allowing more complex species to arise.

  4. In my view, the idea that we can “recreate” ourselves by our choices of belief and behavior is supported by…
    2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV) Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

  5. These gentlemen should be taught in schools, and all of these great books that have
    been shown in this channel and the original one.

    I had a vision once where I saw the power of thought projecting through time and space
    and similar to a whirlpool which ended at a point in the future, it used all of the events that it passed
    to manifest that reality.
    Like Plato said, and his world of ideas – they are a force in and of themselves, and the more we focus
    and refine our consciousness the more we are able to see the light.

    Thank you for your work.

  6. hard to say between this interview & Eben Alexander which is my favorite. You two are just beaming, & enjoying your conversation so much, enjoying your friendship: it's really as if I'm just right there with you….really lovely

  7. Spiritual Intuition is NEVER wrong because Spiritual Intuition is a Superconscious experience with guidance, but on the other hand 'hunches' coming out of the personal subconscious maybe right or wrong !

  8. What an awesome interview! I graduated in the mid-90's, before epigenetics was known well enough to teach to students, so I'd love to see Dr. Pelletier discuss some of the biochemical mechanisms by which this occurs.

  9. Very exciting information and a wonderful topic. It is important to note that in classical homeopathic medicine remedies are highly specific to individuals. The phrase often used is, "The Patient, Not The Cure." Remedies are created for each patient after the doctor takes a careful history. One size does not fit all.

  10. Our Creator prepared for us a long long road to get to know ourselves here on this Planet…interviews like this one always reminds me of Anita Moorjani and her NDE…when out there experiencing love, and all knowledge, 'meeting' her loved ones, and not wanting to come back to her diseased painful body rigged with cancer cells, her father 'told' her….but now that you know your body will heal! 🙂

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