September 28


Epigenetic therapy: a new frontier for cancer treatment – Dr Clare Stirzaker

By heheals

September 28, 2020

Dr Clare Stirzaker asks if we can reverse epigenetic alterations, at a recent Garvan public seminar. She discusses epigenetic drugs, DNA methylation inhibitors as a focus for cancer treatments.
Epigenetics are the heritable changes in gene expression which don’t affect the underlying DNA sequence.
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  3. HDAC inhibitors also help with certain drug addictions. For example psychostimulants like methamphetamine and amphetamine are the most “mentally” addicting drugs of nearly all. This is due to an extremely complicated cascade of transcription factors and neurological changes. DeltafosB is highly over expressed and builds up in the brain with no limit or cap so it just keeps on accumulating. The transcription process eventually needs to activate AP-1 for this whole negative cascade to occur and many HDAC1/HDAC2 inhibitors and Curcumin block the process of AP-1 activation. The only problem is the most affective are viral vectors.

  4. very exciting information but lots of questions also arise haha. could we detect most possible epigentic alterations and produce targeted drugs? could diet or other life habits modify it as well? etc.

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