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By heheals

September 28, 2020

PBS on Epigenetics



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  1. This is very enlightening in regards to how we eat as humans and what our society is geared toward in regards to what we find "tasty".  It really brought my attention to why there has been a growing number of obese people in the world as well as all of the other diseases and disorders.  It really makes you think.  It also appears that it doesn't have to be that way and people can make changes that will affect them and their future generations.  It is not all set in stone. 

  2. i always wondered how our heart, lung, liver cells etc… knew to be heart, lung and liver cells. You were always told that every cell in your body has the exact same genome. yet you have all these different types of tissues and specialized cells. I find it disappointing that we do not cover this in highschool biology. 

  3. 1:50-2:05 Old Lady -"When I see my sister, I see myself. If she looks good, I think, 'I look pretty today', but if she's not wearing makeup, I say 'My god I look horrible'". Narrator-"That's hardly surprising"

  4. @Legeon86 The fat mice with yellow coat and their mother have agouti gene. When mother is given methyl rich supplements (like vitamin B12, betaine, choline, and folic acid) the agouti gene, even though still present is suppressed – not activated in the offspring and the mice have normal brown coats and normal weight.

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