September 28


Example Of Epigenetics

By heheals

September 28, 2020

Example Of Epigenetics And Human Behavior

Behavioral Human Epigenetics And Cancer

An example of epigenetics and human behavior focusing on what and who you believe.

Believing in the words coming from your doctors’ mouth can be devasting. If your doctor tells you that in 3 months your going to die many studies have shown that you actually will. This is an example of epigenetics and human behavior with individuals dying on cue.

In people’s psyches, they truly believe that doctors are the ones that know the truth. This has surpassed any religion. The majority of society believes their doctor even more so than any religious figure in their life. This is the sad truth.

In essence, today’s science is the new religion. When a person’s doctor tells them, they will die in 3 months and they do, it is pure sorcery. People don’t actually know what they believe.

Interestingly, ninety-five percent of the mind is subconscious, and the remaining five percent is conscious. What this means is people don’t really know ninety-five percent of what’s happening in their mind They are only aware of the five percent that’s happening currently.

It might surprise people that the conscious mind isn’t that smart. It can only handle a limited amount of information. On the other hand, the subconscious mind can handle a massive amount of information comparatively.

Our conscious mind learns to drive a car. It absorbs that both hands are needed on the steering wheel, and one foot needs to be on the brake, etc.

In contrast, our subconscious mind has things going on automatic where you have individuals texting, shaving and drinking their coffee all at once while driving. Ask a person who visits your home the route they took to get to your house and they will have a tough time remembering.

They will have to think twice because their mind was everywhere else while driving. Their mind was busy while driving the car dealing with “I could have, I should have, etc.” That person got to your house without thinking about it.

The truth is no person, including doctors, know when any person will die. There isn’t anyone who knows what’s about to happen. A doctor should never say when a particular person will die! The truth is, they don’t know and it should never be said, ever!

In reality, if a person says something which isn’t the truth, it is called a lie. However, when that person happens to wear a white coat and they lie, it becomes a medical opinion.

This is why it’s so important to educate yourself on true health and not the false concept of disease. Empower yourself, nobody knows better than you!



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