September 28


Quantum Creation & Epigenetics: Genes Aren't Your Destiny w/ Bruce Lipton #200

By heheals

September 28, 2020

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a stem cell biologist, bestselling author, and thought leader who is bridging the often disparate worlds of science and spirit.

Dr. Lipton did pioneering research on cloned human stem cells, then later served as a Research Fellow in the Department of Pathology in Stanford University’s School of Medicine, where their research revealed the nature of the biochemical pathways by which the mind (perceptions/beliefs) controls behavior and genetic activity. His discoveries ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, and that laid the foundation for today’s revolutionary new field of Epigenetics.

It’s cellular biology by way of quantum physics, and it has not only changed Dr. Lipton’s professional life, but his personal life and physical health as well – so now, he is trying to share this knowledge and pass it on to others so that we can experience the benefits of understanding, too.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:
– How Dr. Lipton ended up working on stem cells back in ‘67, when most people didn’t even know what a stem cell was
– It’s an illusion that your body is a single entity – it’s actually a community of cells
– Why we have stem cells
– How your mind creates coherence between your belief and your reality
– The curse of conscious knowledge (like knowing what those nearby cell towers are doing to you)
– You are a creator – but if you create from weakness, then you’ll only manifest weakness
– Why effort can’t overcome belief
– What we can learn from the story of Jesus, even if we’re not Christian
– How collectively recovering our creative power will allow us to change the world’s current chaos into a garden
– The biology of belief & why what happened to your ancestors or in your past doesn’t dictate the future
– There is no gene that causes cancer – however, beliefs are easily passed from parent to child
– What you’re lacking in consciousness you can reinforce through support

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