September 29


Bruce Lipton epigenetics part 1

By heheals

September 29, 2020

Bruce Lipton talks about DNA, genetics and epigenetics at Waldzell meeting 2008 in Melk



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  1. @arzoyan Our social, political, and economic systems are products of our minds: what we value, our interpretations of reality and how the world works, the place we believe we have in the universe. Saying "Capitalism is the enemy of humanity" makes it seem like, a) we didn't create it, and b) that if we only abolish it everything will be fine. If we change our internal consciousness (the way we view reality), the external landscape will change accordingly. The crisis is internal, not external.

  2. 6:35 "There was life on this planet before there was DNA, so you can't say that that's the source of life." WOWWW!!! "In my training as an embryologist, and in my own research I had found that you could take a nucleus with all the genes, out of the cell and throw it away. And that the cell does not die. But the cell could live for two or more months with no genes in it…it still has its life…the genes are not controlling the life of the cell…the source of the control?…The skin.

  3. no one hear knows how money works. the goal of the world bankers(government)is power not money, money is only the ways and the means and by having a capitalist you make people fight and compete against each other rather the working together. you cannot tell a customer that the product next door is better you would not get business, so you see you cannot be ethical in a monetary system it does not work. watch zietgiest 2 addendum and the fall of the republic then end game all good documentaries

  4. @ananiasacts federal reserve has engineered all the drops and rises in the market. its a show to keep you occupied. they are a private corporation and they are taking more of your rights everyday. not directly. they throw america in to wars all the time. including world war 1 2 and Vietnam. simply because when a war happens that country has to borrow money from the central bank on interest. i dont know how you find interest is not a problem because its the foundation of the central bank scam.

  5. @iamdk007, The Kahn academy has a great series of lectures on money if you wish to understand why the interest rate is not any sort of problem. Nor is basing our currency on our government's ability to tax us. You are wrong that the tax rate is 40% (higher for some, lower for others), that all of the government revenue goes to service the debt (I'm guessing less than 1/4 of it.), and that banks will eventually own the world. We want a small inflation rate for good reasons, as Kahn explains.

  6. @ananiasacts interest rate is the problem. the money system in America is based on debt from the very minute the central bank gets in to action(federal reserve). income tax(40%) in America goes directly to the interest that has built up for the country. interest is for nothing but profit for a hand full of people. that bank will eventually own the world. and inflation would not be necessary at all if they didnt have to pay back money with money that doesnt exist until they inflate the money.

  7. @Th3Wab3, This is only indirectly related to the issue of wages & work, which is a different problem. This is merely about redressing the measurable (though not necessarily meaningful) impact we have on each other via our behavior. You immediately see the suggestion as an entitlement program, but it really is exactly the opposite of that: a prevention of a presently ongoing and longstanding entitlement program. Without redressing the taking, we can't create the environment that would fix wages.

  8. @ananiasacts i vaguely see where you are going. what constitutes work? considering that technological advances continue to displace workers and this contributes to a saturation of workers in the service sector. how are these people going to contribute to society? are people going to earn while educating themselves?. i just think that productivity continues to increase and our current model feeds finite resources into an infinite concept of growth… do you see an alternative

  9. @Th3Wab3,the fix for all of these problems is really simple: measure global CO2 production and give each person "income" in the form of "rights to produce the average amount" of CO2 and a global exchange on which to trade those rights. In this way, poverty becomes impossible, there is no need for any entitlement programs, it becomes possible to tax black markets, enforce a human rights standard, and a long list of other benefits. Lack of that mechanism is what stops capitalism from working.

  10. @Th3Wab3, The trouble with communism is that it cannot avoid creating a disincentive to productivity (since you'll get out only what you need regardless of what you put in.) By productivity I mean the average amount of wealth created by an hour's worth of work by the average worker. That has been rising as significant rates for a very long time. You ask are right to ask 'How can we have increasing poverty while productivity is increasing so much?' Henry explained why, as I tired to summarize.

  11. @ananiasacts could you explain what you mean by changes in productivity? and my problem with inflation is each new generation finds it more difficult to procure the wealth needed to sustain themselves, making it more difficult for have-nots to compete with haves in the market. i have no illusions about gold nor do i promote it as a reserve substitute… i think it is better to allot the necessary resources without the use of the middleman…

  12. @Th3Wab3, I disagree. What about changes in productivity? The reason we want there to be a little bit of inflation is because of the asymmetry of the alternative: Deflation is a greater threat because it is so much harder to control. Inflation is easy to control (simply raise interest rates.) But once they get to zero, there's little that can stop deflation other than quantitative easing, which is a far harder to implement as fairly. Gold's value is a poor substitute for taxing authority.

  13. @ananiasacts the inherent problem with money is that it is borrowed into existence with interest so for example for every 100 110 (with interest) is owed. the 10 (interest) does not exist and never can be payed back. much like the manorial land owner who produces nothing while and reaping profit from others work… all money in existence must be repaid with interest. check out the vid Money as Debt watch?v=vVkFb26u9g8

  14. @Th3Wab3, The Venus Project makes no sense to me. I can't see anything "evil" about money for example. Wealth is a useful idea I see no reason to abandon. I think we need merely redress the inadvertent impact we have on each other and there is an easy and very precise way to accomplish that because CO2 production is an accurate proxy for it. We must be made to buy the right to produce more than an average amount of CO2 from those who must then have produced less,, in an open market, to fix that.

  15. @ananiasacts I'm glad that you bring up the point of externalities i haven't read Henry Georges book but I've watched Wendel Fitzgerald's short summation of the books thesis and i agree with it. it is very similar to the Venus project in principle and i am strongly for declaring all of the earth resources and land as the common heritage…

  16. @Th3Wab3, The best explanation I think comes from Henry George's book "Progress and Poverty." The reason our brand capitalism does't work is because i is deeply riddled with externalities that effectively transfer wealth from poor to rich by neglecting to incorporate a mechanism to redress the inadvertent impact that enjoying our wealth has on other people. It's a relatively easy problem to fix, but very few people seem to realize that it is a problem at all. We become ideologues too easily.

  17. @Th3Wab3 their is something wrong when a golfer or race car driver can earn 100, 000,000 in a year while scientist have to take up undesirable positions corrupt companies in order to make ens meat or people have to join the military for a check.. the monetary system uses to put people in a form of wage slavery..

  18. @Th3Wab3 my point on the monetary system and the current supporting "capitalist" system is that by it's nature it forces every person on earth to have to work to eat sleep or for shelter… food can't be acquired without funds to buy and in order to have property you need money.. it is a system that enslaves man as opposed to benefiting man… their is no even starting point.. and jobs that benefit man or the earth do not provide people with enough money to live.. harmful job do! continued

  19. @ananiasacts i agree with you forst point but i don't understand where you make the distinction that my perspective of capitalism is flawed (please clarify).. in theory capitalism is great in theory socialism and communism is too (at least i think).

    the problem is that i don't think any of those systems take into account human greed and the corruption that power has on individuals or parties. i don't agree with perpetuating a system that is flawed by it principal of generating capital….

  20. Capitalism the wage slavery of immense humanity in a politically corrupt,manipulated ,tyrannical,destructive MARKET SYSTEM OF ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY to perpetuate poverty and exploitation in the interest of the ruling capitalist class.This Market system of private gain and greed is the template for War,Enviormental destructions,animal cruelty and suffering, A social reality of alienation and dehumanisation, We need to share the Earth in harmony and cooperation for our common needs and well being

  21. @Th3Wab3, It is not as strange as people who believe that they, or the public, or people we can elect, can do a better job of allocating capital that those folks with what it takes to have earned it in the first place–a demonstrated ability to deploy it in society enhancing ways. I think you are confusing different things with capitalism. I agree that our system makes it too easy for capitalists to exploit our government to transfer many of their real costs to the public. Different issue.

  22. @Th3Wab3, You didn't explain what you believe the problem is with FRB. I see nothing wrong with the strategy in principle. I'd love to know why you believe it is so tragically dysfunctional.

  23. @Th3Wab3, Do you mean fractional reserve banking or the asset backing the reserve held by the central bank? If it is the latter, then can you explain why you feel a commodity, like gold, has a greater ability to retain value than the taxing authority of the federal government? It just doesn't make sense to me. It really is possible for gold to lose it's value–for example it can never be that much higher than the cost of mining it. And if the fed breaks, guns would skyrocket more than gold.

  24. in this forum i think what we are missing is the understanding of the monetary system… im not one to generalize that capitalism is absolutely wrong because it has great characteristics and this is shred by all the other economic systems.. i do believe the inherent problem in all these systems is it's blood and foundation, debt based money.

  25. @arzoyan it's is strange how people don't see how capitalism restricts natural selection and human advancement by restricting funds needed to pursue technologies that would benefit all…

  26. @arzoyan strange how you can't see how "first world" country corporations hold "third world" country peoples in feudal slavery and economic marginalization… you have to look at the bigger picture what circumstances have allowed america to profit and the peoples of the third world to be forced from their lands into horrific factories…

  27. @Th3Wab3, Your entire rant is meaningless. Substitute the term "natural selection" for "capitalism" and it reads exactly the same. The irony here is that I agree completely that our implementation of it has serious problems that I feel there are elegant and genuine solutions to. I've been trying to explain them for quite some time but keep finding people so jaded, intolerant, and close-minded it doesn't end up being a discussion, merely an opportunity for folks like you to vent rage. A waste.

  28. @ananiasacts capitalism has effectively and continues to effectively wipe out any remaining egalitarian groups and replace them with wealth based stratification… capitalisms infinite growth doctrine in a finite world may have worked early on but in the days of peak oil and dwindling resources it is a dated and failed system…

  29. @ananiasacts this comment about capitalism is like saying slavery isn't all bad because it produces economic results.. well capitalism is wage slavery.. and capitalism had nothing to do with making us if anything all it did was "legally" or snakishly' take property from a large group and give it to a small group and it continues to do so.. it is much like a new religious system where priests r replaced with large capital holders.. free market capitalism would have been nice but it never existed

  30. @arzoyan, I disagree. I see nothing wrong with capitalism itself. The problem is that we don't redress externalities in our economy that force us to inadvertently steal from each other surreptitiously. But it has nothing to do with capitalism.

    The bottom line is that a process very close to brute capitalism is what made us and the entire web of life we're a part of. So it can't be all bad.

  31. @ValoruUlimited Scientists are workers for CORPORATIONS or STATE working to come up with PROFITABLE products be it millitary / pharma / agro / energy or .the field of science is not some UNKNOWN that scientist try to understand for the betterment of our collective illumination and well being otherwise why patents or commercial rights or economic espionage. When we share the Earth for our common well being the process of science will be freed from shackles of minority interest.

  32. @Drastam I agree with you, obviously the rulers SHALL NOT relinquish their hold on our lives, Its up to us to organise democratically and create the consciousnees that CAPITALISM is a mechanism of minority exploitation of immense humanity in a politically manipulated market mechanism where the wage slavery of us empowers and enriches the ruling class. Once we become many there shall momentous movement of historic change from planet of slavery to a world of harmony and cooperation.

  33. The future community of humanity will not be harking about equality , justice or fairness as the causes of ineqaulity , the horrors of worship of power/ private property shall be abolished and a community of harmony conscious of its abillities and resources will provide for our common needs and emotional well being, The banners of the french revolution of 1789 was EGALITE,LIBERTE AND JUSTICE to abolish the feudal,aristocratic hold on society and paving the way for the CAPITALISM.

  34. @maitrimorningstar You're projecting yourself. Crime does correlate with low IQ. It's a fact. There are exceptions, but the correlation is a fact. They commit crimes because it's easier to do that than provide value, since their lower IQ doesn't provide them many chances to add value to other people's lives for which they'd be compensated.

  35. @arzoyan Capitalism is strangers stranded on an island providing services for each other to increase their individual survival. The parasites can't survive and die out. Socialism is the same strangers on the island, but the production of the workers is distributed equally, so instead of the most productive getting more food to increase in numbers, the parasites do. Socialism opposes the natural order.

  36. @maitrimorningstar Absolutely right about the gap b/w politicians and the people. Centralization/big govt/socialism is all the same thing. States/local govt can see what they need more than leaders thousands of miles away. Do you know that you support capitalism but just don't realize its manifestations? Local, small businesses doing services for one another is pure 100% capitalism.

  37. @maitrimorningstar You don't know what capitalism is. It's a system where you get what you pay for and don't have to pay for what you don't CONSENT to. Cheap labor only exists for jobs that have been made obsolete due to technological gains. Robots can do most things faster than humans. Blame govt public schools for costing us $10k/year for each kid, but giving them no greater skills than the cheap laborer in another country.

  38. @maitrimorningstar Egalitarianism is a religion that denies the lessons of Darwinian evolution. It is as wacky as creationism. There is no equality anywhere in nature. Violent crime stems from a preference for short term over long term gain, which is merely low IQ. Cooperation is only good among similar creatures. Different creatures always compete, and there is no instance in nature of multiple sub-species sharing the same habitat. One is either displaced or goes extinct.

  39. @sn3192 would you tell me China the most profitable political economy in the world for the last two decades is a communist system? or Ex Soviet regime a state capitalist political dictatorship had anything to do with the principles of WORLD COMMUNITY OF HUMANITY SHARING THE EARTH IN COOPERATION FOR OUR COLLECTIVE NEEDS AND WELL BEING. We are living in the historical period of IDEOLOGICAL manipulation and distortation of the real interests of world working class .

  40. We need to organise democratically with no leader and follower principle for a world of cooperation for our collective needs and well being. A community of humanity abolishing the class system where a few have dominated the immense humanity through the wage slavery in a politically manipulated market mechanism. Production for profit has enslaved,distorted and devalued humanity. Capitalism is an artificial brake to further progress and realisation of our true human cooperative qualities.

  41. @arzoyan then what do u suggest instead of capitalism?
    i agree capitalism has its flaws. but they haven't come up with anything better up to date
    i mean communism was a nice idea. but it just didn't work: sovjet union, DDR(east germany) total failures!
    so again, what do you suggest?

  42. We are programed to believe that capitalism is the only way that humanity can provide for its material and spiritual needs. It is the acceptance and internalisation of false and dangerous beliefs that is destroying ourselves and our natural enviornment. Capitalism is a parasitic system destroying our world.

  43. the only central dogma is the production for profit and that is taking the humanity to the brink of extinction, capitalism is the enemy of humanity , only by sharing the world for our common well being can there be any meaningfull step towards healing ourselves and OUR WORLD,OUR WORLD

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