September 29


Chico Lopez – EPIGENETIC and how the owner + environment determines dog behavior!!

By heheals

September 29, 2020

EPIGENETICS explain how dogs are the mirror of the owner and it’s behavior are 100% affected by the environment.
That behavior can not be explain only by genetics.

Behavioral epigenetics studies the role of epigenetics in forming behavior. It seeks to explain how nurture may shape nature. It attempts to provide a framework for understanding how the environment may influence gene expression to produce individual differences in behavior.



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  1. Ok, Intelligent answer, There is good and bad in everything, nothing or no one is perfect.. but God. , No breed , no person, no bloodline, things happen to make us stronger, that's just life… We can either grow or fall. Frfr.

  2. Great video,mentaly ill people can never put your great work down!! People who know you well they know how hard and how great of work you do with the breed.bad people with bad intentions will always hate and will always try to talk bad about you bc they can never be on your level neveeerrrr!!

  3. There are SICK Lobbyists in D.C right now paying off politicans to try to get beastiality laws and to marry your animal laws passed as we speak, which party do you think will support this immortality? D

  4. I receive the video, disgusting. I immediately saw that not natural and the owner is the monsters responsible for the way the dog act, to permit and to promote is stupid and irresponsible. It pissed me off to see the abuse of the dog, and to see idiots to remix and post what mofos. thanks for share now i know the dog was mimicking the owner.

  5. I watched the video…and saw all the DUMB comments….and wondered how DUMB these bastards gotta be to blame that on Chico….that dumb shit falls strictly on the owner/clown who raised the dog….that doesn't have anything to do with the breeder.that doesn't sway my opinion on chicos dog's or breeding program.

  6. Much Respect my friend, I am sorry one of your pups had to endure and experience this, really unethical, hope you can retrieve him and he can be relocated to a home and have a pack leader that can bring out the best in him , as a great dog behaviorist always says " exercise, discipline, affection "

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