September 30


Changing our Lives with Epigenetics with Charan Surdhar

By heheals

September 30, 2020

Changing our Lives with Epigenetics with Charan Surdhar
February 29, 2020

“Become Nothing, and he will turn you into Everything.” ~ Rumi

By Brigitte Mouchet

Hardly a day goes by without getting a message in my inbox warning me about the dangers of this or that food, condition or activity. I usually glance at the title but rarely open the email. Marketing gurus have invaded the wellness industry and they are not very subtle about it. But that is not the point I’d like to make.

What I’d like to say is that we as humans have so much more power than we think over not only our environment, but also our genes. This is the field of Epigenetics that I wanted to discuss with Charan Surdhar, a geneticist turned epigeneticist. Charan has a passion for helping people overcome feeling like a victim. Instead she helps them find a state of freedom that is much more conducive to health, and where almost anything is possible.

Epigenetics is real. I invite you to listen to my interview with Charan where she discusses the basics of genetics and epigenetics but also her own experience with cases of diseases caused by genetic mutations that were successfully reversed. The most interesting part, I think, is to realize how our emotions can affect our gene expression. And this is something we should all be aware of.

Listen to the full interview at the Solari Report –



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