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ASHG 2010 Mtg.: "Epigenetics of Drug Addiction" (Dr. Eric Nestler)

By heheals

October 1, 2020


ASHG 2010 Annual Meeting Concurrent Invited Session II: “Methylating the Mind: The Epigenetics of Psychiatric Illness”
Speaker: Dr. Eric J. Nestler, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
November 4, 2010 (Washington, DC)

DESCRIPTION: Psychiatric illnesses are among the leading causes of disability in the world, though the mechanisms underlying them are still largely mysterious. Challenges in identifying genes for psychiatric illness may be due in part to the underlying etiologic complexity, and epigenetics likely plays a crucial role as it links genes and environmental exposure. In particular, recent evidence points to a role for epigenetic mediators of stress in major depression and drug addiction. This session will bring together pioneers in this emerging field, that has now become amenable to population-based epigenetic studies, including whole genome epigenetic analysis targeted at nongenic sequence that might be epigenetic targets of disease.



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  1. The pheromone also cures delinquency and criminal behavior in addition to curing addiction and runaway behavior. (We will be able to close our criminal justice system in a jiffy.) These are just open trials, mind, but it makes good sense both economically and medically. Finally, the biggest surprise has been recovery of heterosexual identity in homosexuals, male and female. The cause (n=1) seems to be lack of paternal pheromone in the presence of adequate maternal pheromone reception. Cool

  2. Collection of the pheromone is tediously slow, but we have almost enough for a small trial. I'll need fifty drug addicts or so. We have about 20 doses now with a new dose every three days. Can you help me find 50 drug addicts willing to participate in a clinical trial?
    Incredibly (I certainly didn't believe it myself, denying it for years in fact), the pheromone cures runaway behavior in runaway teenagers. My local authorities are uncooperative here in Tampa.

  3. This is a very nice video. I was amazed at your assertion of deltaFosB concentration in the nucleus accumbens resulting from cocaine intoxication, but your final sentence allayed my surprise. I would hope that injection of deltaFosB found exogenously in vivo and via synthesis would support this finding.
    The facial skin surface lipids of human men, a pheromone passed in kissing, alleviates ally symptoms, including withdrawal symptoms, in cocaine and heroin drug addicts in my open trials.

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