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How to Combine Epigenetics, Genetics with Naturopathic Approach to Health – with Dr. Vladimir Popov

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October 1, 2020

The first in Russia International Online Conference for INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

Interview with Dr. Vladimir Popov:

Topic: How to combine our Epigenetics, Genetics (polymorphisms) with Naturopathic approach to health

Interview Questions based on the book, Dirty Genes, by Dr. Lynch:

1) Dr. Lynch, what is the difference between genetics and epigenetics? Why is our modern progressive medical world digging into the epigenetics and its influence on genes? Is it the main cipher of human nature?

2) A lot of integrative medicine specialists pay enormous attention to the diet and nutrition. It is no secret that the statistics on the frequency of food intolerance is growing at a frantic pace. Instead of celiac disease (a rare disease), we see the hidden gluten intolerance. We became worried about the lectin load. Yes, there is an elimination diet variant, just do not use these products. But can we somehow affect food intolerance itself?

3) The question arises about the relationship between human genes and microbial genes, about the world of the microbiome. How do we exchange information with bacteria? Can bacteria influence polymorphisms? Now probiotics are widely used, but how to understand if the probiotic is suitable or not for a particular person? What about pitfalls?

4) Sleep disturbance and insomnia, such a big amount of people suffers from it. Unfortunately, even in treating children, doctors recourse to the use of melatonin. At the same time, the anamnesis shows that a patient having a sleep disorder consumes a large amount of carbohydrates, fruit, desserts, fast food, juices, etc. Is there any relationship?

5) Problems with character and psycho-emotional medium. Aggression, lethargy, irritation, depression, conflict, negativism, abulia. Do these conditions require the use of drugs? Are drug-free modalities possible?

6) As for MAOA and COMT genes. Each of them is associated with a number of diseases and conditions: neurodegenerative diseases, ADHD, autism, fibromyalgia, schizophrenia, panic attacks, migraines. How can we adjust the work of these genes? Is SAM-e (and supplements) supporting serotonin levels enough? What a wonderful set is needed to change the working algorithm of the powerful catecholamines?

7) I think, having mentioned the catecholamine group, we cannot pass by the dopamine itself. Yes, it is a reward system, motivation, focus, craving for learning, love, dopamine pleasure. But each neurotransmitter as each medal has two sides. So, what is the second side?

8) I have been searching for possible precursors for working with BH4 (cofactor), an important constant in the speech development in children. Thanks to you, I’ve learned that the problem with DHPR causes a system error in BH4. What kind of beast is this? DHPR? And what, in turn, inhibits its activity? Please share with us the details

9) The problem, that everyone faces, sooner or later. Cavities, gray hair, it is very interesting to hear your opinion whether it is possible to find the cause of the early gray hair? And even more, can we reverse this process? What is the main point? Oxidative stress, supported by heavy metals?

10) My subscribers requested me to ask you an interesting question. How do you feel about traditional «recovery systems »? Ayurveda, Chinese medicine? What do you think about the medical nutrition used there?

We look at Biohacking as an instrument of the Future:
Preventive medicine, based on numerous researches with a high level of evidence; harmonization of the human body with its individual needs.

Aspects of Biohacking to be revealed at the Conference:
Diet, Detoxification, Microbiome, Genetics and epigenetics, Stress and Adrenal Fatigue, Biohacking and lifestyle, Monitoring and contemporary methods of diagnostics.

The best international experts among the speakers of the conference:
•Dr Deanna Minich, Ph.D. and Masters in Nutrition;
•Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, Master of Medical Sciences in Neurology and Master of Medical Sciences in Human Nutrition;
•Dr Ben Lynch, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine;
•Dr William Cole, D.C., IFMCP, specializes in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease;
•Andrea Nakayama, Functional Nutritionist and Educator, and Founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance and Functional Nutrition Lab; ·
•Dr Andrey Gostriy, General Practitioner, Doctor of Anti-Aging, Functional and Preventive Medicine, President of PreventAge Association of Integral Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine

7 days of active and deep immersion in the Biohacking theme!

Get More from Dr. Lynch:
– Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/drbenlynch
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drbenjaminlynch
– Dirty Genes FREE Chapter and other Bonuses: http://go.dirtygenes.com/books
– Dirty Genes book: https://amzn.to/30Zb1FE
– Seeking Health: https://www.seekinghealth.com/



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  1. Love the video dude!! I’m going to subscribe to your channel. If your looking to grow your following take a look at smzeus“.”com, it’s a great tool which really helped me grow my social media.

  2. Excellent interview with direct questions. Is Dr. Lynch willing to do a part 2 and 3?! What are your thoughts regarding Dr. Jack Kruse's work? Neurosurgeon who discusses epigenetics, blue light, diseases, cold thermogenesis, etc. Also, does anyone know if EMF Protection Devices, that claim to harmonize wifi frequencies rather than block or shield them, actually work? Does anyone know if crystals work to block or transmute these harmful frequencies?

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