October 1



By heheals

October 1, 2020

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  1. I'm 36 at a 50/50 convinced mind state that life extension will be in my lifetime and that I can somehow benefit from it. The 1rst gen tech at least ………Why does it seem that my generation will be "the one that took one for the team" D: I hope I'm part of the FIRST humans who will get to choose not the last ones who will never get to……………damn give it a deep thought and its shockingly depressing

  2. And before someone makes the argument that the outcome of science impacts people without their consent remember that if you go to the Dr, you are in control of wether or not you take the recommended approach from the Dr to get better. You have other options like natural medications or other forms or paths to heal whatever brought you to the Dr in the 1st place. I will agree with your arguments when it pertains to government though and things like that because that's a group of people forcing others to comply with certain things not allowing for choice or alternatives although some things like violence or theft shouldn't be allowed under any circumstance(other than to defend yourself of course which is still a form of violence-the intention behind the violence is the key there though).

  3. People or groups of people that try to stop certain things from happening, for example scientific advancements, are in fact attempting to exert the same dominance over humanity that they are claiming that science is doing to humanity by trying to stop it. Does that make sense? So isn't the best thing to do is to just make your own decisions that pertain to you personally & if you don't agree with something then don't participate in that activity &/or the benefits of said activity & allow others to make their own personal choices if that's what they choose to do.

  4. I'm religious & believe in God but I also believe that God wouldn't have given us the ability to think & alter our surroundings if he 1st of all didn't foresee it happening & 2nd by allowing it by not inhibiting our ability to do so. I also believe that evolution doesn't disprove God. If anything, it validates God because why would he set a scene that allowed for it? Maybe evolution is intended. Also, to step of topic for a second, I also don't believe aliens(if they in fact do exist somewhere) disprove God either because if God created the universe then why do we arrogantly think or assume that he may have only created one life form in a small part of an unfathomably large universe. Maybe, just maybe, he wants to create something that through trial & error will self create itself in order to evolve into something that will allow for him not being alone anymore. Is it to far of a stretch to think that God may be lonely and wants a friend? That's just a thought for the purpose that NO ONE KNOWS what God is thinking so quit speaking for him especially when your opinions inhibit progress for people that don't share your version of interpretation. Make your own decisions on your own level & allow others to make their decisions. I'm 100% for scientific advancement while simultaneously believing in God.

  5. I wish groups of people would stop trying to ban stuff from happening & ruining it for everyone else. If they don't want to do it then don't. Maybe some of us, probably a significant amount of us, want to not die & live longer. I say go ahead with any & all scientific research that ultimately will benefit humanity. If they unlock the secret of aging, then the people that tried to fight it will line up at the end of their lives to have their life extended in a hypocritical way. Guaranteed because at the end of the day, no one wants to die unless you're severely depressed or have some kind of a mental issue that is clouding your normal judgement. Most don't want to die is a better way to say it instead of all.

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