October 1


Nature or nurture? The role of epigenetics

By heheals

October 1, 2020

In this lecture, Eastern Illinois University psychologist Jeffrey Stowell, PhD, discusses epigenetics, including a look at genetics and behavior and epigenetic mechanisms.

This video was supported by a grant from the American Psychological Foundation, thanks to generous support from Lee Gurel, PhD.



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  1. Has anybody ever heard of the dark ages???? that the centuries of hordes of "minorities" ravished the world with conquest and destruction, not until the enlightened "light" people stood up against them and allowed basic human freedoms to flourish

  2. maybe people at a disadvantage due to epigenetics is for a reason, perhaps when they are at a advantage they cause mayhem and destruction "Middle East, Africa". Ive seen it first hand here in Detroit, minorities with power and influence, cause more destruction then a thug with a gun. Maybe we should continue keeping them at a disadvantage for benefit of all mankind

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