October 2


Bruce Lipton – Catching on to Epigenetics

By heheals

October 2, 2020

From Cristina Johnson
Ask Dr. Funk – Episode 1

Hi Bruce. What is it that’s keeping society from “catching on” to the new biology?
I mean, is it lack of exposure to Epigenetics and the power of energy? Or is the reason more insidious?



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  1. Just like in Genesis, you are telling half truths, and those are called lies. The media programming is true, but you can Not be your own GOD- NO one created themselves.

  2. The ability to hear this type of information without prosecution is at risk, friends. Please research the CISPA, a dangerous Internet Spy Bill that violates 4th Amendment Rights. The US House of Representatives passed CISPA on April 18, 2013, but it has not yet passed the Senate. -thrivemovement.c o m

  3. Ugh, I hear it so much: "Alert! Alert! Greedy cooperations want to keep you in the dark! It's all their fault!" Saw the same explanation given in the documentary "meat the truth" yesterday. What about peer-review and the democracy of the internet and ideas like the world is flat i.e. valued information will rise to the top in this day and age. I think it's a question of values. Consumers have power to make bad propaganda unprofitable.

  4. Happily we now have magnificent methods of information dissemination like YouTube which allow private individuals to take the power into our own little hands and spread important information which previously was successfully withheld.

    Bruce, I very much appreciate the videos you create which clarify your findings and which enable me to spread the fascinating discoveries and understandings. Thank you!

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