October 2


How Epigenetics Can Affect Ants’ Behavior

By heheals

October 2, 2020

Researchers Shelley Berger and Daniel Simola describe how they used epigenetics to change the behavior of ants. Ants have a structured workforce where smaller ones, called minors, tend to forage for food; larger ants, called majors, act as soldiers. By applying compounds to the brains of developing majors, the researchers were able to induce minor-like behavior in this group.



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  1. The hope here is that 'we' can at last unlock the chemical mechanisms that help us engage in social activities like sharing work tasks and divvying up jobs. Perhaps these discoveries will even be relevant to mammals like humans.

    But do we really want to go down that road? In a slightly disturbing attempt to illustrate how this experiment worked, Science released this educational gif, below. In it, an anthropomorphized major worker holds up a protest sign that says "Will not forage for food." Then a giant needle comes out of the sky and appears to inject stars into her brain. Afterwards, she obediently harvests tomatoes.
    🌏 📡🌏 👣🕖 💎👽☠☼☾☄ゞど・ㇺㇾㇽ₪𝖎𝖙𝖎𝖇𝖎𝖗𝖆₪なめㇺㇾㇽ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀✶⋊🐺🐾☆🐜🐜▲▴◭

  2. That's been COMMON biological knowledge that different feeding of Pupae in communal insects like Bees and Ants can change their adult growth outcome from drones to queens to male breeders.. Ohh thanks old news you stupid fucking hipster thinking you discovered something unnkown.

  3. I kill both major and minor ants indiscriminately. However after watching this video and realizing how much of a douche major ants are, I'll be killing only them instead. Major ants? Should have just called them the "bro" ants

  4. Individual ants definitely have different work ethics as well. Look at an ant hill and how some of the bits of earth are dropped right as the ant gets out of the nest. Others drag their bit to the outer edge of the hill and will drag other bits that are left to close to the entrance farther out. Most drop their load in the middle forming the hill look. Fascinating creatures and their societal interactions.

  5. Like there aren't enough "additives" to our food…now we may have to worry about a "slave" epigenetic compound that reprograms higher brain functions to exclude individual desires/needs/wants. The perfect Totalitarian society is within reach peeps. The only question still remaining is … who will be deciding which persons are the Majors and which will be relegated to subservience without the will to question anything.

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