October 2


Nutragenomics: Know Exactly What Your Body Needs with Genetic Tests, Epigenetics,

By heheals

October 2, 2020

Learn how genetic tests can help restore your health & reveal exactly what supplements your body needs.
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Host: Corrina Rachel, Holistic Health Coach

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In this podcast, Dr. Wards explains genetic testing and common genetic problems
– MTHFR gene for methylation & detoxification (fertility, chronic disease, autism, etc.)
– do you need probiotics or supplements to restore a healthy gut
– women’s health, fertility

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  1. Super informative!! A naturopath/nurse practitioner in Seattle just mentioned to me that we should all be in fact taking the methylated form of folic acid just in case there’s a defect in the methylation pathway… When I switched from folic acid to methyltetrahydrafolate, I stopped getting persistent migraines. Similarly, a friend was able to get pregnant after years of trying with no success once she discovered this defect in herself and started taking the appropriate supplements. While I haven’t done a full genetic test yet, I’ve taken plenty of food tests such as LEAP/MRT in order to see what my blood was reacting with— this ranged from foods like pistachios, almonds, spinach, coconut and mango (“healthy foods”) to coffee and chocolate. When I cut these foods out of my diet for 6 months, I lost 14lbs without changing anything else in my lifestyle. I was holding a lot of weight in my belly from being so inflamed! I’m normally a size 6/8, but when I suffer from food-related inflammation issues, my belly swells up and I go up to a size 10. Anyway, I think this is a very promising field and I’m even more excited to do the full genetic screening after watching this podcast/interview. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So this test is only done at this Doctors office in texas? Also..no offense intended but if I am seeing a doctor for genetic testing to help restore my health & reveal exactly what supplements my body needs. I would like said doctor to be healthy. This is just like the time I saw a dietician and she turned out to be quite over weight too.

  3. What your body needs & doesn’t need !! like a body unable to detox doesn’t need neurotoxins injected in causing millions of children to have neurological conditions, what you are proposing will never happen, because it doesn’t make pharmaceutical companies & the government money

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