October 3


IN UTERO: Epigenetics, Unconscious Memories, and The Womb | Stephen Gyllenhaal ~ ATTMind 74

By heheals

October 3, 2020

Stephen Gyllenhaal takes us on a poignant exploration of the topics discussed in the film he produced with his wife Kathleen, IN UTERO. We talk about the psychological and epigenetic impact of early life and uterine environment, as well as the means by which we can unravel the negative impact of our past into profoundly positive potentials for well-being in our lives today.

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Episode breakdown below.

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Stephen Gyllenhaal is an award-winning film and television director, writer and producer. His producing credits include the documentary IN UTERO, “a cinematic rumination on life in the womb and its lasting impact on human development, human behaviour, and the state of the world. Tapping into cultural myths, popular movies, and technological trends, the film demonstrates how our experiences in utero – particularly traumatic events – preoccupy us throughout our lives, impacting our decisions and shaping society.”


– How environment conditions in the womb influence epigenetic and psychological development.
– The influence of unconscious memories of childhood and the womb on the adult’s perception of the self and of reality.
– Transgenerational trauma.
– Self-fulfilling prophecies and unconscious self-harm.
– Modern society’s cultural war zone: intellectualized sexism, racism, and classism.
– Perinatal psychology (psychological impact of the birth experience).
– The vital importance of the mother/child bond.
– The larger community of caregivers, on being a father.
– The vital impact of bonding.
– Being yourself, being OK with not being OK.
– Feeling unsafe and building safe, but necessarily comfortable, spaces.
– Taking responsibility as a parent.
– Healing trauma, from childhood to adulthood.
– Embodiment and the interconnection between the mind and body.
– How to support mothers.
– Treating adults with trauma – safe spaces and psychedelic therapy.
– An interesting synchronicity between Stephen’s near-death experiences and my dream the night before.

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  1. I totally agree with this subject. I had a 5meoDMT experience that sent me back to my mother's uterus–just to be reborn again. Once in mother's uterus I experienced fears and insecurities that have haunted me since childhood, fears that I had no rational explanation for and that affected me throughout my life. I confessed this experience to my mother, and I realized that she had been through a lot while she was pregnant with me (cheating father). I was im-pregnated with her own fears and insecurities. This revelation to her got us much more closer and brought new and liberating feelings of compassion for each other.

  2. "If you dont live a life willing to take a risk & grow. Then you are in the least safe place and will die sad and confused" – Profound.. Love the entire episode will now have to watch the documentary. Thank you again James for bringing us these podcasts. I appreciate your efforts.

  3. I raised an eyebrow at the assertion that women are treated horribly in society. I actually got a bit pissed at the assertation that "blacks are getting shot, as we see documented today". The implication is that "someone (WHITE MEN IN UNIFORM!!!!!)" is actively shooting blacks with some sinister motive when the statistics show that a black is FAR more likely to be shot by another black. The subject matter is intriguing at face value but this interview is leaning hard toward being yet another justification for in group preferences.

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