October 4


Epigenetic regulation in stem cells and reprogramming

By heheals

October 4, 2020

Human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) can give rise to all cell types in the body and therefore hold enormous potential for tissue engineering and disease modeling. Here I will summarize our more recent advances in understanding the role of epigenetic mechanisms in regulating this unique cell state.



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  1. HI Alexander. Hi Do you know if cellular reprogramming can make the adult matured keratinocyte in the skin or epidermis become neonatal keratinocyte? (As in changing the skin to a skin before puberty changes) or I mean can it reverse maturity of those cells? So you can theoretically go from having adult skin to a teenagers skin. Because I have found out that a protein called b catenin (not reprogramming) can reverse the matured human dermis and fibroblasts to have young collagen and revert to a neonatal dermis.

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