October 4


Epigenetics Your Food And Environment Determines Your Evolution

By heheals

October 4, 2020

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Does the food we eat really control our genes? Can we avoid genetic diseases even if we have those particular genes by changing what we eat? Can food really affect genes and DNA? Are animal products and meat really safe for us? What happens if we have certain cancer genes and cancers that run in our family is there anything we can do about it? Or are we destined to get those diseases? Is there anything you can do about genetic diseases?

Science has shattered the Central Dogma of molecular biology, proving that determinism—the belief that your genes control your health—is false. You actually have a tremendous amount of control over how your genetic traits are expressed, by changing your thoughts and altering your diet and your environment
In 1988, the experiments of John Cairns demonstrated even primitive organisms can evolve “consciously,” as DNA changes in response to its environment. The cell’s “consciousness” lies in its membrane, which contains receptors that pick up various environmental signals. This mechanism controls the “reading” of the genes inside the cell

The work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and other epigenetic researchers shows that the “environmental signals” also include thoughts and emotions—both of which have been shown to directly affect DNA expression
Contrary to the Newtonian belief in your body as a biological machine, epigenetic science reveals that you are an extension of your environment, which includes everything from your thoughts and belief systems, to toxic exposures and exposure to sunlight, exercise, and, of course, everything you choose to put onto and into your body. Epigenetics shatters the idea that you are a victim of your genes, and shows that you have tremendous power to shape and direct your physical health



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