October 5


Ayahuasca Shamanism and Epigenetics

By heheals

October 5, 2020

Dr. Joe Tafur MD who is also an Ayahuasca Shaman explains the potential role of Epigenetics in Ayahuasca Shamanism.

Note: The Question and Answer session at the end of the video is awesome!

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  1. I paused and ordered his book 2 minutes into the video…no bullshit. So much to learn and gain from the study of natural medicine. The human race has forgotten that the Earth gives us everything we need. Love and gratitude are changing the world. People are waking up to the importance of spirituality. It’s time for us to stop drawing lines of division and take our species to the next level.

  2. Peru or bust . I’m 58 years old. Been beaten by my dad ever since I can remember, watched my mom get beaten ~ he never touched my little brother . Been beaten by 2 x’s . So I’ve isolated myself . I’ve tried to off myself 4 times . God must think I’m a badass. I’ve had cancer , 4 back surgeries- I was born breach and backwards. My S.I. Joint was never right , also a reversed curve in my neck . I’ve had a heart attack and died , I’ve had a stroke , I am blind in 1 eye from a drug I was on for my back . Broken both my feet 3 times , 1 never healed , ended up getting a strep infection in my left leg . I had vocal cord cancer, complete laryngectomy, I have no vocal cords, no voice box , no lymph nodes . I’ve lived alone for almost 20 years , I live on disability. I was a Chef for 32 years , loved it ! I make jewelry with all real stones , I know the healing properties & Metaphysical properties of the stones . Im a Cancerian ~ “ I feel “
    I have Louis Hays book – “ you an heal your life “ I listen to Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden , Joe Dispenza . I’m 1/8 Cherokee & very spiritual. We are entering a new age . I look to The Hopi & Tibetan Prophesies . Been in the insane asylum, twice – they wanted me on drugs , I refused about a bazillion times . They finally let me go .md’s don’t believe you even have a soul . I follow several Naturopathic docs , including Dr. Bergman . Dr. Peter Glidden is a favorite. I could have cured the cancer with diet , ( caught in the very beginning) I didn’t know any better at that time . I have to teach the docs about my cancer ~ they have no idea . There are only about 160, 000 thousand of us in the world . I breath through a hole in my neck, I feel the Chemtrails in my lungs . And the 5G crap ~ I’m getting cooked . The psychiatrists have said that I’m paranoid of Chemtrails & 5G . I’ve told them who to look up ~ did they – Hell No ! I thought hot stuff was good for nerve damage ? # 1 on my Bucket List is Peru .
    No sex ???

  3. I've done ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle in 2012 and a few more times in 2016. If I could offer any advice, it would be to follow the strict diet leading up to it that they advise you of. It was a good experience for me but i felt like i left something on the table by not being disciplined with the food. My best friend I went with the first time had some epiphanies but i think the way my body is, i needed to detox first in order to get the most out of it.

  4. I wonder if the expressions of illness from a cultural and intergenerational standpoint he speaks about might be in US a legacy from slavery, slaughter of natives, war and separation from the mother countries, this is not a criticism just a thought.

  5. The only God most people believe in is the god of the state. People are more statist than they realize. They don’t care about the nature that God created. In the beginning, God created the Earth, not the fucking government. Every herb was good, not every selection of soda or beer. Jesus fuck people can’t think for themselves, too comfortable in being in the lower Fear states of existence than ACTUALLY wanting to rise up and meet the actual God. You don’t pray to god by listening to your pastor pray on a microphone in a big church with other people making noise, looking around at each other, you pray to God in your dark closet, with no distraction. People don’t read their bibles

  6. Reply to your question: I DO WHAT??? I am the leader of 'UNITY OPERATIONS / A.I.M. INT'L.. USA – UK prior to 1989 in CA, NYC and 1998 in L.A. CA A.I.M. Chapter for Byron Lee Blackwell as his replacement 'manager' of A.I.M. L.A. CA offices. I am a self-published author book no. 1 titled : CREDO FOR THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT INT'L… and book no. 2 'AN OMEN; MY ENCOUNTER WIHT OSAMA BIN LADEN'S LIEUTENANTS IN CANADA' denuncing the marijuana industries seeds of finacing the operaitons of Osama Bin Laden's vs BUSH and the C.I.A. CLINT EASTWOOD and LEONARDO DI CAPRIO made my manuscript of 94 pages in 2011 into a movie titled:""J. EDGAR.. '' in its honor and for my VOLUNTEER work for UNITY and A.I.M. L.A.CA my original US identities STOLEN form QUEBEC and CANADA with the blessing of criminal networks operating in various government agencies in MONTREAL, PQ and in VANCOUVER, BC provincial and federal ones.. Hope this answer your QUESTIONS…Continue to TEND AT THE GARDEN….Blessings for your book as well Dr. Tufar.. YOU SHINE.. Take my beautiful PERUVIAN brother….DON OSCAR MIRO QUESADA.. Check his work he is FAbulouslky reknowned worldwide TEACHINGS of the INCA EMPIRE….MAYA….CIAO..Marcella Loyer, author under canddian id's marcella madaire at your service……. hugs! HASTA LA VISTA POR COLOMBIA E AMERICA DEL SUR CON PERU, BRAZIL, VENEZUELA, ETC. E AMERICA CENTRAL CON MEXICO PRIMO…

  7. So glad that you brought this important subject here Dr. John Bergman! I knew you were the real deal. Lets open our minds and hearts to real healing. I know this for fact that the proper ayahuasca experience is life changing for the better.

  8. AYAHUASCA is the vine of the soul and the cord of the universe…according to Colombia shaman KAYUJALI at a UN Conference done with PERU and BRAZIL shamans.. I love this doctor JOSEPH TUFAR, MD and his explanations, revealing of recent fundings, explanations on the process of identifications, transformation that HEALS one self from inside out..as the AYAHUASCA functions are.. Your book will certainly make miracles LIVE in peopl'es lives cause obviously DR. TUFAR you LOVE IT and its so good to hear TRUE PROFESSIONALS OF HEALTH in psychotherapy, psychology or psychiatrists talk about it. NO MORE MARIJUANA HEMP Evil plants.. it's so refreshing to get away from that witchcraft era from the EUROPEANS 17 th century that nobody can deny any longer.. how much it COSTS BILLION of people's souls, mentally illnesses, chronic diseases of the brains, heart and lungs…no longer deniable…And again, here in Vancouver the POT SHOPS FLOURISHED , PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICKER OUTDOORS NOW, AND THE CITY IS CAPITALIZING ON IT BIG TIMES. SO DOES THIS PROVINCE AND COUNTRY. Bring them to the UN DOCTOR and trial CANADA FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITIES…Thks for your great presentaiton, sharing of TRUE KNOWLEDGE and for your time… Marcella loyer, aka Madaire 'LEADER 'UNITY OPERATIONS / A.I.M. INT'L.. USA – UK' Thks for the Native American references and give a buzz to Nick Polizzi of the Sacred Science and Roman Hanis…blessings for Keith Aronowitz film maker of BLUE MORPHO and Hamilton Souther of the UCLA, California team maong psychiatrists like yours…

  9. This is a fascinating topic. I'd love to learn more about ayahuasca and the MTHFR mutation. I did about two years of work with the medicine every other month and recently found out I have compound heterozygous MTHFR and I'm wondering about what special precautions I might take moving forward. The medicine takes an awful lot out of me and with the debilitating pain I'm in, it's a true Ordeal. If anyone has knowledge about this please reach out to me.

  10. I’m curious if we might see similar results from doing ceremony where we dance and sing all night without any molecular enhancement? The reason being, I had a full epigenetic reconstruction thru a very specific treatment using energetic medicine. I’ve used psychedelics (including ayahuasca) historically for healing and have had various results. I’m mostly interested in having a conversation of intelligence and respect regarding alternate healing practices. Cheers

  11. Considering Dr Bergman mentions poor gut health can cause teenagers to experience marijuana with psychosis or schizophrenia, maybe along with eating healthy, get your gut healed before you go on an healing trip and you're less likely to have a scary experience!

  12. THANK YOU DR. TAFUR for YOUR final statements and close up on that topic.. it's good to have the real truth from real true specialists of health. I defended and admire DR. JACOB HELLER 's clinical trial study and COURAGE to speak out the truth and putting his live on the line to SAVE BILLIONS OF PEOPLE only by REVEALING THE REAL TRUTH.. about the marijuana 'businesses' industries …Screw those gurus of POT HEMP whatever they are from, ISRAEL's kabbutz or CANADA ISRAEL State of Bonds pockets, as proven in the 1990's fpr instance , INDIA, PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN, LEBANON SYRIA IRAQ IRAN all living here with a purpose or tendancies for VENGEANCE.. using their political relations in their own countries of origins to do so, sending millions to cover up corruption in their own soils from here and impose their influences on macro economy level, etc…..WE have to REACT NOT ACT on it before it gets worst…According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr…44% of US children are afflicted by severe disorders, mentally illed problems SINCE 1990…Thks to him and to his group WORLDMERCURYPROJECT.ORG I totally encourage YOU to join in..he is a powerful ally for UNITY OPERATIONS / A.I.M. INT'L.. USA – UK and so is the UNITED NATIONS and their own warnings to the WEST….Thks to MEXICO'S FELIPE CALDERON in 2012 ' 27, 000 deads; 8 billions in costs ; zero regrets'.. WAR ON DRUGS – the POT from QUEBEC, BC ONTARIO CANADA's ….Gloria A. Macapagal in the Philippines in 2009 for her stand ' first anti-pot campaign – and denunciations that cost her her presidency and also her total clear up of all charges thks to UNITY OP / A.I.M. Int'l.. USA – UK and to Benito Aquino 111 and to the current one as well.. Blessings. DOC… blessings to my team the others of http://www.thesacredscience.com...but mostly to my bros and sis of the amazon….marcella loyer, author and supporter of BEN WHITE BBC journalist and writer, author ISRAEL APARTHEID for the freedom of oppressions for the Palestinian peoples….GRACIAS POR TODO EN MI SELVAS HERMANOS E HERMANAS DE MI SANGRE E CORAZON .. TODO TE RECUERDO E TI DEFENDAR CON MI VIDA….

  13. I was at a recent event and the healing that took place was profound. There where 20 life changing transformations. One was PTSD was only one thing.. A possession was another. This is an incredible venue for healing.

  14. Ayahuasca is a tough experience to go through. I went to the Peruvian amazon to experience it. It's worth the experience but it's tough sledding. Know what you are getting into. Most of the authentic places to experience it in Peru are not comfy hotel rooms. They are bear bones, hard to get to, remote, sometimes dangerous surroundings. Expect vomiting, diarhhea, nausea, and body weakness if this is your first time. of course, it you can hang with it, it is one of the unique experiences in life for a suburban/urban dweller from a western country. I cannot tell what specific effect it has had since I perform many spiritual practices daily, but I am happy I went. Would I go again? No. Too far, too expensive, and I don't need the physical discomfort.

  15. How can you write a book about something you've never done or experienced your self? if you just would take the damn psychedelic, you wouldn't​ have to write a book full of speculations, because you would actually know what your talking about, which would make what your saying much more valid and concrete. no true knowledge seeker is going to buy a book full of speculations. we need conclusions.

  16. Cats in cradle and silver spoon, in the western deterioration of belonging and family! Medicine has been hijacked into a death march in America. I cured my own cancer of the placer in a week. I have ptsd. I have been attacked too many times. Before that I traveled the world diving. Now I'm afraid to change a password on my computer. My parts were harvested by Drs. Nothing was wrong with them. In fact they were harvested in the process of another procedure with out my permission, they said I had fibroids, I did not. They left my ovaries to make me a later cancer candidate! I'm terrified of Drs now! So I had to learn to cure everything myself. It was a push for me to free my self from bad medicine. I will night dive alone but I won't go to a dr alone ever again. Thank you for your talk. Much enjoyed. I'm retired now. Have wildlife photos no one has seen, I can not find a web person that is willing to help. I used to help everyone, now I am crippled in my mind. I feel so alone!

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