October 5


Epigenetics in forensics (PhD trial lecture)

By heheals

October 5, 2020

Trial lecture given during my dissertation. Target group for the trial lecture is students, colleagues without specialist knowledge, and the informed public. The topic “Epigenetics in forensics” was given to me ten days prior to the dissertation, which took place the 22nd of November 2018 at Oslo University Hospital, Norway. This video was recorded a few weeks after.

My take on the topic was to give an introduction to epigenetics and its possibilities within the forensic field. I chose to focus the lecture on the epigenetic modification DNA methylation as this is the most researched modification in forensic science. I have left out any discussions concerning the discovery and selection of markers, and statistical modelling. I don’t discuss ethical or legal issues, even though it is an important topic. I focused the lecture on a few use cases and methods that I believe is the currently most important and mature.



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