October 5


How Did an Epigenetic Startup Develop One of the World’s First Saliva Tests for COVID? | SOSV

By heheals

October 5, 2020

CEO Dr. Tom Stubbs talks about Chronomics’ genesis as an epigenetic testing company and their rapid development of an accurate, CE marked, RT-PCR saliva testing kit for the identification of COVID-19 infection.

Also discussed: the amazing power of epigenetics to identify health risks and point to potential solutions that are under our control. More important now than ever before…

00:39 Stubbs: “Somebody that’s at high risk for heart disease versus somebody at low risk from a genetic predisposition perspective could be fourfold more likely to suffer from heart disease, which sounds pretty bad. But when you put that into the context of environment and lifestyle-derived risk, it’s actually 5,000 fold. So there’s a huge amount more risk that can be explained by things that are actually under our control and can be measured using biomarkers derived, for instance, from epigenetics…”

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