October 5


Interview with Dawson Church – Writer and expert at EFT, Epigenetics, Physics, Energy Psychology

By heheals

October 5, 2020

In his foreword to Mind to Matter, Dr. Joe Dispenza calls Dawson Church a super mind. After you hear this interview you will see what Dr. Dispenza was talking about.

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, has been hailed as a breakthrough in the field of epigenetics. Dawson has published numerous scientific papers, with a focus on the remarkable self-healing mechanisms now emerging at the intersection of emotion and gene expression. He applies these breakthroughs to health and athletic performance through EFTUniverse.com, which is one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web. Dawson was educated at Baylor University and Holos University, where he earned his doctorate under the tuition of Harvard-trained neurosurgeon Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, with whom he co-authored Soul Medicine: Awakening Your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health and Energy. Dawson is editor emeritus of the peer-reviewed journal Energy Psychology: Theory, Research & Treatment, and founded the nonprofit Soul Medicine Institute to research and train practitioners in energy psychology.

Dawson works with businesses and sports teams to achieve peak performance.

You can read more about Dawson Church at www.DawsonChurch.com

It was an honor to interview Dr. Church, I was super nervous at the beginning and I have such great respect for his work. Dawson was so nice and easy to interview. I think you will enjoy it. I learned so much. We talked about proof that the brain effects matter, heart coherence, morning routines and many other topics.

Watch my previous episode which reviews Dawson’s book mind to matter https://youtu.be/64IgHLW-wpU

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  1. What an incredibly lovable man!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Dr. Church, and thank you Brian for spreading this knowledge.
    This was an eye opening interview.

  2. The nonlocal mind finally brought me here(via your 💖 Coherence Meditation) as I had missed this interview when it first came out. Fascinating and absorbing interchange, Brian. This one oughta be viewed by more folks.🏅🎁…Oh, and you gotta get the good Doc to patent his 😄❤️🤗. Just hearing it can send anyone into a blissful state faster than any Gizmo…(◠‿◕)

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